Friday, 28 February 2014

Denmark - Ban on Halal and Kosher Slaughter

The way beautiful deer runs hard to safe its life from a furious hungry lion running after to prey and the way it is killed, depresses many people of weak hearts like mine …. OK. Let us stand against that brutal act and pass a bill that no animal will be preyed by other animal…. If done , tell me how you will accommodate those animals who are carnivores …. Surely they will die of hunger … Now which way you will devise between to save both????? Inject all animals and make them vegetarian. But this is not possible on real grounds, at least one have to suffer.

I want to talk about the action taken by Government of Denmark who have banned the slaughtering of animals by religious way to meet the demands of halal and kosher meat for Muslim and Jewish population in the country .

This action have been taken after long movement from different protesting groups over the years. Some people have condemned the action and said that it is clearly an unjust interference in religious sensibilities and activities of a particular group of people.

It is claimed by Danish minister that , "animal rights come before religion”. According to a news source on ;

I was just wondering as many people are protesting against any act performed by the certain people according to their religion but the government have no concern about the living conditions of animals and what for their own pigs how they are treated throughout their lives and the way they are being breed, is that not against animal rights??? Is not that miserable, unjust and painful? Why this is ignored but are more concerned and anxious about the pain animal have while being slaughtered religiously.

In some countries animals are stunned to give them least pain possible before slaughtering but many Muslims do not feel it right as it is said that it lowers the heart beat and the blood does not comes out of body properly comparatively while slaughtering without being stunned. During stunning it is also a case that animal may die prior to slaughtering. Many different methods are used across the world for stunning like:
Electric Shock stunning
Water bath Stunning
Gas stunning etc.

It is claimed that it lowers the pain but nothing can be said for sure. I am sorry to say , as no man have volunteered him for the test. But I think it actually doubles the pain as you are first stunning them , then slaughtering. Some methods of stunning are even being banned in many countries , considering them to be painful.

It is necessary for Muslims and Jews to slaughter animal when it is alive in a certain way, even any animal if run over by vehicle or attacked by any other animal or hunted or caught by dogs etc. can be slaughtered and used , if was alive prior to slaughtering.

Consumption of stunned animals is prohibited by Jews , they must be having some solid reason behind. For the Muslims we have clear instructions from Prophet Mohammad ( peace and blessings be upon him);

“Verily Allah has prescribed proficiency in all things. Thus, if you kill (an animal), kill well; and if you slaughter, slaughter well. Let each one of you sharpen his blade and let him spare suffering to the animal he slaughters” (Sahih Muslim).

I find this little hypocritical that they just want to enforce their law keeping aside the religious requirements of the people . They claim that it hurts animals but what about so many people among Muslims and Jews around the globe that are hurt after getting this news. Keeping aside the sensitivity of the matter they just want to comfort their nerves and as its their country they want their laws enforced by hook or by crook. Apart from what will be faced and felt  by the minorities. Freedom of rights is affected. Where are human right organizations now?

So we are showing more concern towards animals and least towards humans that are not of same belief as ours. What about hundreds of the people being slaughtered everyday in different corners of the world. Aren’t they that much least important to be thought about?
Everyone is pretty aware of the facts about frozen foods  it will surely have adverse affects on human health , and they do not care, only animal’s rights are more important.

Alas humanity have no value, there is no care about humans in many societies around the globe and they stand for animal rights.


It’s necessary that the citizens should be respected and protected by the country but it’s sad that their condition is made pitiable and they are made weak and are segregated. The population of  Muslims and Jews is very small in the country and it is sad that even a small number of people are not respected and cared about.

Comparing this condition with rest of many western countries like UK , Canada, USA where majority of Muslims and Jews living and law have legalized and allowed the freedom of religion and slaughtering of animals. I will also like to add , if some action like this have been taken in those countries then the reaction should have been different as minorities are in influence in those countries.

I was even wondering it’s legal to have horse races and the way they are whacked on butts to run even harder , Oh ya! that is fine , as it amuse them. The way animals are injected by hormones and germs during experiments , that is fine too….the way animals are killed and fed to beasts in their zoo … still no worries….. The way they are caged and kept under bars … It’s still fine as all these brutal acts and barbarism has nothing to do with any religion different than theirs.

This is rule of nature , animals are made for humans to get benefits  from them like transportation and eventually food.

This is law of nature and animals are destined to be treated the way they are.!!! I would say there are many more important issues relating humans in the world to stand for. First solve all of them , then in next step move towards animals.

But I am happy that halal and kosher meat can still be imported from abroad , let’s wait and see when they will say something against this.

There is some kind of politics behind , who want to torture specific group of people and wants to please some. Some of affected people regret being part of such country where there is no protection and freedom of their rights. This act has marginalized the minorities.

I hope keeping in mind the preferences of their people they will roll back this law and give their people a place to live and practice their religions peacefully and with full freedom. This will help indicating , them having secular law. 

What is your opinion about this issue ? Do you feel it right to consume animals being stunned before slaughtering ???

I will be happy to have your feed back on this serious issue.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Truck Art - Pakistan

Truck art of Pakistan has gain fame worldwide. The buses and trucks are highly decorated and customized. The art includes painting, calligraphy, poetic verses, plastic work and carving. Trucks are decorated according to the taste of owners.

Paintings of many national heroes, sports man, movies heroes, myths, beautiful baby girls and boys, animals and women are seen. Moreover these trucks have striking fresh and full of life colors. It is just like painting masterpieces running on the roads.  Many people from Pakistan went in International fares and competitions and won by showing excellent skills to decorate their vehicles.

A truck is decorated in nearly $3,000 to $5,000. But the wages of these artists are very small. Perhaps these artists are portraying their wishes and desires on trucks –wishes that cannot be fulfilled because of their small earnings. Often birds are painted that were flying in open air. These pictures are not only showing great art but also indicate the thinking of the painter that wants to touch the sky. God knows well he want to touch the sky by getting fame and appreciation of his work or he wants to earn enough so he can live a free peaceful life.

Many families are linked with this art and are doing this from their ancestors. But according to the current situation they are thinking to leave or to switch to some other business as there is no support from government and the wages paid are very small as compared to their work.

On the other hand some fashion designers in South Asia have also used the same technique and style of folk art work in their dresses and cloths. Some use the technique in furniture and many craft men have started creating same art form on home accessories. So this unique decor art from roads is brought straight into our houses.

This art form was originally created in Pakistan and there are some organizations that are dedicated for the preservation of this form of art. So this art may live alive in fabrics and other interior decoration pieces but the survival of art creators will be difficult because of the ignorance of people and non supportive behavior of the government.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Eternal Love - The love of a Mother

It was the DARK DOGRA Regime in the only Heavens on earth, "KASHMIR", Every one who belonged to the royal court was involved in high luxury activities. They were fond of Hunting too. The RAJA was very fond of this activity and all of his court members were always trying to please him.

Once this royal team was passing through a forest and was on a hunting trip. They found two Loin cubs who were very small and could not defend themselves. The members thought it to be the best chance to please their RAJA, captured the little loins, brought them to RAJA's palace and kept them in a cage.

The day was cold, even then every one was visiting the Palace to see the new addition to the RAJA's zoo. The day passed and all those guys went back to sleep and protect them from the chilly night and cold breeze of the valley.

The night came and the watch man listened to the roars of a loin. He kept himself calm and quite in his watch tower, nothing was seen just the roars of a big loin were audible. He kept listening to them but never moved or tried to investigate, what was going on. It was perhaps the early morning when the roars stopped and the watch man went back to his quarter.

The morning came and every one was astonished to see a big loin lying next to the cubs cage. A member saw the udder and told it's the lioness, perhaps the mother of the two cute cubs. Her eyes were closed and every one was saying, "Don't talk, she may wake up".

They waited for hours but the mother never woke up, at last an old man came in with small stones in his hands and started hitting The Lioness. He was investigating the Lioness. He hit him with small stones, then the bigger ones but she never woke up. The old man at last said, "Perhaps She is dead". Then the watch man went forward and saw she was not breathing, he went more closer, touched her, but she was life less. She was cold and dead.

They saw, all the supports of the cage have been dug up; the watch man can now guess, why she was roaring! she wanted to feed her cube with milk and the kids were in cage. She traveled miles on the smell of her kids and reached The Palace, entered into the zoo at night and found her kids in the Cage. She was depressed and started trying to free her kids, But she failed, the iron cage was very strong and her motherhood failed to fight against it.

She was not ready to give up, but her heart broke and she lost her life with her paws still in a position to dig up more. Her cubs were in front of her, she can't touch them, nurse them and love them, the only reason behind a mother's death.

The whole matter came to the RAJA's Court and it was ordered not to hunt any more.

A Mother's sacrifice changed the heart and soul of a cruel ruler. The mother's Love can change the whole world, she can fight with whole world but can't see her child in any trouble, even a small trouble to her child upsets her.

This is what a Mother's Love can do, The Mother's are the only creature on earth who can change this world. Lets remember an old saying, "TUM MUJY ACHI MAAIEN DO, MA TUMAIN ACHI QOAM DUN GA".

NOTE: The story is based on a true happening in Kashmir.

Pakistan: No Fear of Blast Anymore

A country like Pakistan, which is under a flood of problems, is facing evils of terrorism. Last night I heard a noise of blast. No one around got shocked by the sound. A girl came near me and asked: “Did you hear the sound?” I said “yes!” She responded I think it was very near as the sound was pretty high she added, “Hope so it will not cause many deaths” and went away. The life around was moving flawlessly.

 It was not the first time that I heard the thud of blast and witness injures. I have seen so many times on a blast spot after half an hour life was usual. Few days back after coming from a place where a blast took place an hour ago I switch on the television and got upset to hear the blast news on every channel. Every channel was in a war to present the news of blast in most dreadful way. Many reporters were telling that they are on the blast sight and people are feeling fear to come out of their houses because of the present condition.

I myself know few people who lost their loved ones in such attacks but no one told me that they are feeling fear. Since 9/11 US attack, Pakistan is facing this crisis. 35 suicide attacks took place in year 2013 killing 643 people and 1518 injuries. People killed by Drone attacks in 2013 are 133 and 47 get injured.

If I add some numbers of suicide and drone attacks from 2005 up to 2013 then the whole story will become clear that why people have no more fear of blasts.

Suicide Attacks
Drone Attacks

People killed and injured in these attacks are:

Suicide Attacks(killed)
Suicide Attacks(Injured)
Drone Attacks(killed)
Drone Attacks(Injured)

Moreover, these are only the figures of suicide and drone attacks if I start discussing about other kind of attacks it will be really chaotic.

Majority of the people killed in drone attacks were innocent children and women. I am not writing this article to blame America or any other country or organization. The purpose is to tell the world that due to such frequent occurrences of blasts the people are fearless to die. 

If such attacking continues then the fake tag pasted on “Muslims” as “Terrorists” will no more remain bogus and it will not result in river—its consequences will be sea of blood. In the end it is not worth mentioning that ‘The suffering is no more painful’.



Monday, 24 February 2014

Kashmir - I am Torn , I Bleed!!!!

I am torn and I bleed

When I was one,

I enjoyed the birds chirping, flying In my blue sky

I enjoyed the blossom of flowers, giving the pleasant smell

When I was one,

I enjoyed the freshness of waters, running, down my high steeps

I enjoyed snow on my high mountain, encircling me from all sides

I enjoyed my rivers and lakes, running and singing beautiful songs

I enjoyed the sweetest taste of my fruit trees

When I was one,

I enjoyed my people weaving and wearing colorful clothes,

I enjoyed my people playing instruments, to create a rhythm in my winds

I enjoyed the beauty of my valleys, having magical effect on my visitors

I enjoyed the oar creating waves in my lakes

I enjoyed the running boats and floating lotus in my waters

When I was one,

I enjoyed my people sitting on finest carpets,

Wearing precious pashmina, enjoying delicious food and pinkish tea

I enjoyed my people dwelling my houseboats 

I enjoyed my vast fields of saffron coloring my lands

I enjoyed the purity of my waters

And freshness of my airs

I enjoyed the pride of my lash green valleys

Mesmerizing high peaks and shining water

Unmatched beauty
A Paradise on Earth

Now I am torn

My beautiful birds either migrated or forgot to sing

My trees are cut down to pave road for the movement of cops

To destroy my soul , my beauty and make me to bleed

 my rivers are red with the blood of my people

they are stop to flow as they want

Despite lotus I witness floating, rotten bodies’ tortured brutally of my people

My people are now wearing white and buried under my soil

My orchids have turned into graveyards

And I listen to the morns of women

Crying and dying for being humiliated

My youth standing against injustice for their rights

Chanting slogans and getting shots on their chests

Heavy chain of pain have bowed me

I am Torn and I bleed

To see my people divided across the roads

Waiting for the day when they will be together again.

I ask for the return of my beauty , my peace , my pride

Waiting for people across globe 

sitting in UN to know the wishes of my people 

I await the day when my birds start singing again 
people will travel thousand of miles to see me glowing

I am torn and wish to be together again.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Road Trip To Madinah , Saudi Arabia ( Photos)


We stopped to re fill petrol . You can see many petrol stations in he way.
with Petrol station you can mostly see a Masjid to Pray 

In the way you can also find food .  I was really amazed to see this mountain. So i got a lot of shots.

 about to reach Madinah.

 There you see that gate. Masjid-e-Quba  Majid-e-Bilal Haram Majid-e-Nabi (P.B.U.H) There you see the Green dome , its Baab us Salam Haram from My hotel window Near Grave of Prophet Mohammad Peace and Blessings be upon Him  outside view  Big umbrellas providing shade