Innocence Lost!

Little Rolling Tears

If you have ever visited South Asia then you may have noticed this situation inside any home or some where outside.

A small girl dressed in rags aged between 8-10 was busy cleaning the kitchen. All at once she got scared after hearing an angry voice.

A lady came shouting into the kitchen with a piece of broken glass in her hand . She waved the broken piece of glass near scared little girl’s face and asked her angrily , “why did you break this glass?”

 The little girl stepped back side hastily and found herself standing with her back against kitchen cabinets.
 “I did not “ She was shaking her head to emphasize her denial.  

The lady gave her a ringing slap across her face and shouted “ You liar!  I will deduct your salary for this”, pointing her finger towards the shard of broken glass.

Meanwhile , hearing this noise , another girl, dressed neatly in expensive clothes entered the room and asked , “ Mama why are you shouting and beating her? What’s wrong with you?”

The older woman cried out in rage , “ she broke this glass and I will not spare her for this! She spoiled my whole set? Do you know how expensive it was ?”

The woman’s daughter pleaded , “Mama ,calm down please. She did not break it. The glass fell from my hands. “

“ Oh my God , shrieked the mother, ”Are you all right ? did you hurt yourself? “ she questioned , looking at her daughter anxiously . Her eyed roamed her daughter’s body to check for any injury on hands or feet.
Her daughter replied , “ I am perfectly all right , mom , and sorry about your glass.”

The mother’s heart melted , “ come on sweet heart, let’s go. Next time if you need anything ask the maid”.
On their way out the lady turned to little maid and ordered her irritably , “ Go and clean the lounge at once , and make sure you do not leave any piece behind. It can harm my daughter, understand???” she twisted the little girl’s ear to make her point and then left with her daughter .

The little girl was scared, witless tears rolled down her cheeks as she stood in shock . She had been punishment for something she had n’t done.

Have you been in such situations? Try to convince others that children who have no choice , but to work for you ,deserve at least, a little care . Even if they cannot be like your kids ever but at least you can treat them nicely.

Think , they are humans too who are deprived of many basic necessities of life and try to keep their heart and soul together by serving you. You must be kind and helping to them , do not look down upon them as they are poor and needy, but try to help them and understand the bitterness of their lives.

You will be satisfied by showing a little care and tolerance towards them… I can bet!! As for the rest,  you never know , when time may change!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of my best friend and colleague Jennifer Lydia Moss for helping me a lot to make this post presentable and I also want to thank my student for suggesting nice title for this post. Thank You Jennifer and Irfan !!

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