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Pallandri, Azad Kashmir.

Let me take you on a road trip to Pallandri, District Sudhnoti Azad Kashmir from Islamabad , Pakistan. Actually, I have no intention to tell each detail of complete trip in just one post. Surely , you will be tired. You can imagine about the roads. I think , it’s just like a spiral helix. Hopefully, I am not exaggerating :) . I will just share few pictures from Kashmir when I was travelling from Islamabad, Pakistan. In above picture you can clearly see fog covering whole town. There is rain almost every day and when weather is clear we have this scene. I have joined few pictures of my trip that you can check here. 
This is Flag of Azad Kashmir. White strips represent four rivers of Kashmir and yellow part indicates occupied territory. 


Let me tell you something about Pallandri. Pallandri a small town of District Sudhnoti, Azad Kashmir. The name of district is because of majority of people in the district belong to Sudhan tribe. Pallandri was a Tehsil of district Poonch before 1995. Azad Kashmir is divided in eight districts. Pallandri is at the distance of 97 km from the capital Islamabad, Pakistan via Kahutta road. It takes two hours on local transport to reach Pallandri city but if you are driving yourself then you will be in Pallandri from Islamabad after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Total area of Pallandri is 569 km2. The total Population of district is 242,000. (70% of total population lives in rural areas and only 30% is living in urban areas. Percentage of male is about 51% whereas there are 49% females in the district. It is situated at the height of 4500 feet from sea level.


The climate is moderate  with the temperature variation from 20-30 C in summer and -4 to 20 C in winter. We can also see some snow on nearby hills during winter. In my whole life whole Pallandri was covered with snow just twice. 


The district has hilly landscape stretching across from one end to the other. The boundary between Pakistan and district Sudhnoti is defined by the Jhelum River.Pallandri has soothing green scenery to offer to its visitors. Whole district is covered with green high mountains with tall and ever green pine and cedar trees. Unfortunately pine trees catch fire almost every year during summer. This fire breaks out just because of laziness or you can say because of irresponsibility of people. Sometimes people try to burn the needle like dried leaves of pines and ultimately the forest is set on fire or sometimes if someone throws a burning cigarette than trees have to pay the price. Each year the forest is damaged on large scale. So cigarette is injurious for plants as well. 

Coming back to beauty the view is alluring with its beautiful and blooming springs. If you get a chance then visit during spring. Whole district is colored by nature. Sides of the river are full of colors with so many wild bushes and flowering trees and plants. Many colorful mountains stand high above you. You can enjoy the music of flowing water from peaks. The natural scenery is enough to take you away from depression of this busy life. You will fall in love with water-falls and clear blue sky. All the year around the weather is very nice and pleasant. You can feel the freshness of cool breeze that below in the summer.

Historical Places:

You can check here the link of Baral Fort , Bawali , Afzalabad tower, Islampura Temple are among the few places to visit.

Water Resources:

Mostly people have hand pumps to pump water up to the surface. At some places there are natural streams and wells (small). Many women also carry water from far of places from natural springs for drinking. For household usage the rainy water is accumulated in large tanks.

River Jhelum:
We have to take this road in picture(left) named Kahutta road to reach our destination. The road is metalled. The bridge on River Jhelum is called Azad Pattan bridge that we have to cross to enter Pakistan or Azad Kashmir. The picture on the right  side is showing the river. During summer Glaciers and Ice on mountains melt and a lot of water comes in rivers and makes the water muddy. The water in river Jhelum is never clear but gray as it is full of sand that it brings with it from long distances. You can see many people collecting sand from both edges of river that is used for construction purposes. The rivers covers the length of 725 km. 
I took the picture on right from here to show the color of river. The picture (left) is taken from here to give you an idea about the road. The road is properly maintained and is in good condition.  
You can see few more pictures here of River Jhelum and the road that is travelling with the river on both sides. One side is Kashmir and the other is in Pakistan. You can check the details of the river here. You will be wondering why I have shared so many links and pictures of river. I love this river from my childhood as I have always seen it. You will not believe the moment I catch the sight of river near Azad Pattan, I do not turn around and continuously watch the beauty, calmness, smoothness of the river till the moment it disappears. 

Rest Houses:

There is just one rest house that was build long ago by Azad Kashmir government. Not even a single rest house was  built after that. Many think, what’s the reason that we can find so many resorts and rest houses in other cities of Kashmir but not in Pallandri? I believe that Pallandri is closest to Islamabad so people just go during day and prefer to stay in Islamabad. There are just a few hotels that are recently built  privately by people.

Unfortunately, I believe that District Sudhnoti is behind all others districts of Azad Kashmir. The reason is again the same as it is closed to Islamabad and mostly the families from Pallandri move to Islamabad when it comes to jobs or education of kids. It is in easy approach and no one thinks for the development of Pallandri. Mostly poor people are residing Pallandri. 


There is one military high school named Cadet College in Pallandri for Boys. Here you can check Cadet college website.  There are many government and private schools and colleges for both females and males. There is one private university in Trarkhal, you can check website of Mohi-ud-Din Islamic University. 

There are many websites that give details about different places and picnic spots in Kashmir. You can check Kashmir at a Glance here.

Another website from government of Azad Kashmir tourism department can be checked here.

There are details of livelihood , livestock and stuff on different websites but I do not want to go towards that.  People of Pallandri are very hospitable and helpful. The history of Indo-Pak  is familiar with the fact that the people of Pallandri are very brave. There are many names who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Kashmir. From all parts of the Kashmir , largest number of soldiers in Pakistan army are from Pallandri. They are living peacefully and respect each other’s freedom. 

Famous Personalities:

Different personalities of Pallandri have gained respect through out the world. To name a few;General Aziz Khan, Dr. manzoor husain Khan, Sheikh-ul-Hadees Molauna Yousaf Khan, Khan Muhamamd Khan, Col. Sher Ahmad Khan, Gazi Sher Dil( Gazi-e-Kashmir), Captain Abdullah Khan  who struggled hard throughout their lives for betterment of the people. 

I love Pallandri as its my home town and I wish that it will be a prosperous city and many tourist will come to visit in future. Mostly people are coming from all over Pakistan who have admitted their children in military Cadet College Pallandri. 

I feel that you must have got some information about Pallandri with its beauty. That was my goal. Even if not fully accomplished but I tried. 

View during winter. 

Pallandri; it's green, refreshing, soothing, peaceful, safe and windy. I wish the peace, cool breeze of pine trees and beauty of Pallandri will be ever lasting. 

Now it's your turn to tell me; 
Is there any place that you want to visit and love the most? Why do you love that particular place???

Image of Flag and map is taken from:
First and last picture of Pallandri is taken from a friend on facebook. 

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

VIP Culture in Pakistan.

Pakistan came into existence on 14th August 1947. The founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam
was born with a golden spoon in his mouth as he was from a noble and rich family of Sub-continent. He was strictly against VIP culture. At different occasions he did not allow his family to take any favor because of him.

I am not sure exactly when this culture penetrated in Pakistan. We are paying the price in our everyday life with every single passing moment. This "VIP culture" has become a parasite and killing us. I still remember the time when I used to go to university and everyone on road have to wait for 2-3 hours in heat or cold, during morning and evening, as all the traffic was blocked for many hours for the protection of passing VIP's . Saw this picture on Facebook.

We used the term "ROUTES" for this road blockade for the VIP’s from Islamabad. No matter which VIP has to pass, people have to wait for hours until VIPs reach their destination.

After sit-in protest by sportsman turned politician Imran Khan and cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri from Pakitsn Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistn Awami Tehreek (PAT) respectively against rigging election polls 2013, things are changing in our society. People are getting up from deep slumber and thinking about their rights. This is one of many tweeted reactions against the corrupt politicians of Pakistan. 

Here is an example of change that I am talking about. People of Pakistan have stood against this VIP culture and started thinking that they are humans too and must be treated with respect. As before I do not think that we were thinking about being a human and we never thought or fought for our rights as all rights are reserved for VIPs. We were just slaves of VIPs. 

I am sharing a video here in which passengers protested against the delay of Pakistani flight from Karachi to Islamabad as politician Rehman Malik arrived late on flight . Two people (Ex-interior minister) Rehman Malik and PMLN MNA Ramesh Kumar were thrown out of the plane. You can see a video from you tube when the minister was off-loaded from flight by angry passengers as they were forced to wait for two hours.

Let's not forget to check the reaction from Rehman Malik, he tweeted as; 

His page is full of tweets about the event defending himself. He explained that the delay was from PIA ( Pakistan Airline) and not from him.  Finally he has asked for the inquiry of the event. Hopefully we will know about the consequences of the  event very soon. The answer came from PMLN MNA Ramesh Kumar who told to angry passengers that flight was delayed because of Rehman Malik. On inquiring he explained that he did not board the plan as was waiting in lounge for the arrival of ex-interior minister.  He was also thrown off the flight due to his late arrival. 

Here is an other link of video from #BBCtrending where they have inquired from few concerned people about this.

Let’s have a look on the reaction from VIPs  in Parliament of Pakistan. In joint session of assemblies of Pakistan; national assembly & senate politicians have strongly condemned the off loading of the Rehman Malik & PMLN(n) Ramesh Kumar. 

The VIP culture has strong roots in South East Asia from decades. After this reaction from people,we can see, the effect has crossed the boarders and many have tweeted their wishes somewhat like this;

This is a change and revolution that we need. This can make Pakistan a better country and better place to live, where politician will be accountable for their wrong doings. Politicians have to learn that they are servants of the nation not the King. We have decided as a nation that we will change the destiny of Pakistan. Now people of Pakistan have decided after 60 years of suffering and there is no retreat. Politicians should wisely change their way as people have started rejecting VIP culture.

Detailed video of the incident is Here.

This is a link from Daily motion as YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. Dailymotion video.

I believe , the need of time is to have politically conscious and progressive youth. The Youth that come forward and send these corrupt politicians to send in back ground, better behind the bars. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

How to Improve Mathematics?

Its all about Mathematics !

If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.  ~John Louis von Neumann.

Most of the students do not realize the importance of mathematics and take it as a burden during studies. This is most common of all the subjects but still hated the most.

Are you the one who is having phobia and trouble with math? 

Let us try some tips to get rid of this fear from math and improve our skills related to it. 

What you have to do?

You have to watch what your teacher is doing in class – very carefully. Try to be very active in class, take all notes , list all the concepts and questions explained during lecture very carefully and write them neatly as when you will refer to them on later stage during exam you can understand easily. Always try to write the explanation of the steps with each step. Do not use your mobiles during class at all. This is really big distraction that keeps you away from learning maths. 

You need to do it all yourself – solve as much questions as possible to know about the concept and steps for the solution unless you are confident about the method. Try extra question from text book or online.

You have to explain – to your teacher about your concept when you are asked during class. Try to respond to question raised during class keeping aside all fear and hesitation of being wrong. Explain questions to friends. You will notice that your concepts are getting clear by answering every question that will be asked from you. Always look for study groups of students where you can get new concepts to solve questions and also teach them yours. 

 You have to be confident – do not hesitate to ask any question. Do not be bothered about what others will think about this question. You can learn best if you clear your confusion about problem. 

You have to understand –  each step of question and do not try to memories it.  Each concept of course should be clear before moving on next course, if you will not do so it will be hard for you to cope with concepts of coming subjects. Try to find connection between different concepts, it will be easy for you to understand by relating concepts. 

You have to call – friends or tutor in times of need. If you do not understand any problem do not waste much time on it and ask for the help of friends if they cannot help you go for a tutor. Tutor can tell you the concept very quickly that you cannot understand properly. But never leave any concept without understanding.

Remember Always what Albert Einstein said ;
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." 

Exam or Test Strategy:

Start studying math a week prior to your exam. It will help you to be well prepared by the night before exam and you can focus on revision of all the concepts, formulas and methods easily. Prepare your calculator, pencil, pen, rubber and student card a night before. Try to sleep early and after getting up have healthy breakfast and then try to revise for some hard formulae on your way to institution. Do not start writing all of the sudden after getting exam. First read exam paper carefully twice and start with the questions you are confident about. The questions that are not much clear to you highlight them and get back to them after solving rest of exam. After finishing your exam check all the questions, if you have missed some and also check answers. Do not forget to use calculator for calculations. Try to stay away from distractions during exam. 
Online Resources:

There are great number of resources online that you can check for extra help and better understanding of concepts.

Khan Academy: It has large collection of video lectures, worksheets you can easily download required thing and study.
Coursera: This website offers courses for graduate and undergraduate from well reputed universities of the world. You can register for free and develop better understanding of mathematical concepts.
MIT  open course ware (MITOCW): It has a long list of different online courses available around the world.                                             

 Always try to follow William Glasser's results:
10% of what we READ
20% of what we HEAR
30% of what we SEE
50% of what we SEE and HEAR
70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS
95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE
William Glasser

 I hope you can improve your mathematical skills by practicing these simple steps. All the best.

Be happy for your grades as you have worked really hard and you 
deserve it!

I hope now you believe that " MATH IS EASY!!!"

 One of my student from department of graphic design gave me above picture with girl shouting ," Math is very difficult". She gave me this two years before and I still have this with me. 

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