Friday, 2 May 2014

Our Problems... Do you have a solution?????

I could not write from last few weeks. It seems to me that my passion, motivation, aggression  and ideas to write are lost somewhere or in deep slumber. I am simply too busy with my daughter , job , official assignments and plans for my holidays and thoughts to move on and find a new place with some new experiences. It has become a hard task for me to cop up with my blog .I was in search of something to click and drive me to write and unfortunately nothing really clicked L . Many friends contacted me and showed concern about my quietness and tried to give me ideas and motivation to start it again. It really helped me a lot to get back from my hiatus on track.

I was thinking to write about something different on positive subject, as mostly I am writing about sad aspects of life but this pause has not helped me at all. Today I thought that this break may not take me totally away from blogging and my enthusiasm for blog die , so  I am back again with some sad story. This is one thing that comes to my mind without any struggle .  I am thinking to talk about the problems that we face as an individual or on basis of culture , nationality , ethnicity etc .

What are our problems????

From West to East millions of humans are living on planet earth. Throughout the World regardless of the religion ,if one is  Muslim , Christian, Jewish or Hindu everyone is facing problems. Having a luxurious or a poor life in a rich or a poor country.

No one is safe from problems around the world, people are dying of fatal diseases , pollution , wars , terrorism, drugs , natural calamities , suffering from discrimination , poverty ,  injustice ,  lack of education and basic necessities of life etc.  In Muslim majority countries  there are many issues , that are being continuously discussed on many forums like issue of terrorism that have got its strong roots in Muslim world after devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11. Muslims are facing terrorism from outside but the biggest threat is from within.  Besides terrorism or war on terror Muslim countries are having more population than their  resources . Population is continuously increasing and creating major problems of food shortage , corruption , violence , domestic violence that are more common in South East Asia . Increase in poverty  rate , child labor , human trafficking and many more, the list is unending.

In many Muslim majority countries there is chaotic situation where people and government are fighting against each other. Mostly world believes that Muslims as terrorist and everywhere there are news of killing , bombing etc. that is linked to Muslims in one way or the other. I believe that if world is taking Muslims as terrorists and blaming Islam for this . Islam which in reality is a religion of peace , harmony , love , respect , kindness and brotherhood .I believe that this is fault of Muslims as Islam do not teach what has been done or still going on or is portrayed to world. If world is taking Islam in negative sense then Muslims have to sit back and analyze their actions.  

In poor or developing countries of the world like in Pakistan , the worst problem is of corruption. The leaders are corrupt they do not bother about the needs and demands of their nation but are fully devoted to their own pockets and do not spare any single chance to get black money or convert black money to white one. People are mostly poor , helpless , needy and waiting for a miracle to happen and hold and strengthen them to rise. They must learn that miracles do happen but not so often , they have to be determined , courageous and motivated  and inspired to stand against all the atrocities. They must stand united to stop the hands, stealing their right. There are also many terrorist groups who are destroying people and property and many precious lives are lost in war against them.

People in India also face  many problems like  poverty , corruption and they are also struggling to control their increasing population but I am pleased to see the commitment of every learned Indian couple to keep their family short. India have also created problems by taking  control of Kashmir against the will of many Kashmiris.  

Some  countries in their quest to be one of super power of the world are violating rights of minorities in different parts. In many other countries where different religions are living together people and governments  are facing different problems .

Some countries  have created certain problems for rest of the world and they are fighting hard to know  how to control the world , like Israel is working on making their  greater promised land. In this quest they are torturing Muslims in Palestine directly  and in many other parts of the world indirectly  . Who knows who will be their next target. They are striving to take control of the wealth and resources of  rest of the world.

There are many more issues that are faced by the people of different continents. If we do not have food to eat, water to drink , place for shelter, cloth to cover ,  we are ready to do anything to get them. Once  we have them all we have a different situation and problems start varying.

Many countries try to resist and ban the laws or customs of  minorities and ask them to  follow the code of life of majority , leaving behind their own . Like we see across the globe there are debates about removing hijab , ban on slaughtering of meat in a specific way by Muslims and Jews . In some parts one thing is banned and in other parts other is banned.

Countries that have wealth , health , food and shelter ,they are trying to take control of resources of others and are in quest of more land to govern and after more wealth. Simply they are in quest to improve their " Power". What they will do after the any increase or improvement in power?? I think no one knows.  All of us are hearing from few powerful countries of the world about the efforts that are made to bring world's peace but we can not have peace by destroying some parts or people of specific race , nationality or ethnicity. Peace will come with destruction but when we will all  accept and respect the differences. 

In few western countries many are fighting against the violation of their rights. Some struggling for gay and lesbian rights, some stand for feminism . Many people have put aside their belief just to sneak their way to be a gay or a lesbian.

In many parts people do not think of others who have nothing to eat and  more money is wasted on shopping , makeup, gold , drinks and luxuries.

I am not trying to say that world should leave it's comforts and stand for poor and developing countries but there is a need to stand and fight together for a better future with mutual sharing and caring.

By having a look around us we can easily know, how according to situation the conditions , demands, behaviors and problems of community change. Who have nothing have gone behind the line and there are some in same world who have gone beyond that line.

 If we talk about gender then all of us know that women is most oppressed and victim of torture and violence in many parts of the world. Someone is stopping women to wear veil and someone is stopping her to go out in world. You can check many such examples in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan .

Com’on we are living in 2014.

What do you think of women ??? Are they  commodities ??Do they have a voice and a right or just are created for men??? Who keep them as they want or according to their need . Do you believe that women do not have the right to live their life ?

I am no one to judge anyone, but  Creator have created us to help and support
each other.  We must have feelings in our hearts for those who are dying of hunger, starving and are thirsty. It is not necessary to do something on large scale or big for them , it can start with a smile on our face to give them a courage and hope.

I can think about what you will be feeling while reading this post , even I am feeling sad. Humans are complicated somewhere suffering and somewhere creating problems. I believe that you are bold enough to take a step ahead and save many and you will not let others sink  in darkness and depression but will be a hope and will help many.

We meet a lot of people around the world , who have become silent as they do not want them to be treated in a certain way , but it can never help them but  complicates the problem....   We must be bold enough to stand , limit our prejudice, fight and show the world that we can not only  speak, but can help many who are suffering. We must strive to make a balanced society .

What in your opinion can be the cause of all such problems and what can be the solutions and how can we get to a better future , where  everyone live freely according to his belief with plenty of happiness , peace and freedom ? 

I will be happy if you will share your opinion with me and tell me what are the problems that you or people in your part are facing?

Thank you for reading this post as it was very aggressive in many ways and maybe I have hurt your feelings un intentionally . I feel sorry for that.

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