Friday, 28 August 2015

Rani ke Bavli Pallandri. راني كي باولي

The video can be seen by using link of daily motion.

Rani Ki Bavli On DailyMotion

This historical water storage place was built on the order of an ailing Indian princess who was passing from this specific place near Pallandri Azad Kashmir city. She was suffering from some disease. When her group stayed near water on their way back home she drink water from this natural spring and soon her disease disappeared and she felt better. Afterwards she order to build some rooms and water storage place for the water of the natural spring.

In local language the water well is called, " Rani ke Bavli" means the "water storage place of princess".

This place is still standing with pride but the government is not paying any attention to save this heritage. Moreover few years back a government school was set up in the building that added to the plight.

School is no more there but still no one is looking after the building. The water is still drinkable if taken care of and water well is cleaned properly.

I hope some day our government will look towards this heritage and try to protect it and pass it on to our coming generations.

You can check video on YouTube by clicking on video below;

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Democracy or Islamic Law.

One of French philosopher said that the new generation always sit on the shoulders of the old generation and see coming events in the world and solve accordingly.
I think this is what needed in Pakistan now. All political parties need to stick to this and stop blaming the people who were in establishment before them. Every time we see that when a new party is elected, soon after coming in power a blame game starts and all previous establishments are blamed for all the losses.

Political scenario is also somewhat interesting as from 1965 few land lord and their generations are continuously coming in power after rotation of five years and sometime before that, because of dissolution of assemblies. 

People of Pakistan have no choice, but to vote PPP, PMLN, MQM etc. There were many Marshall Laws in Pakistan and even you will see some specific faces that will be also around in those years.

People have two views about the establishment. In opinion of one group of people, democratic establishment is better and other group stands for Marshall Law. Political parties claim that democratic system is perfect for the people.

Being a Muslim we believe in one God, one messenger Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and there is only one way to follow, the way written in book Holy Quran that descended from heavens during month of Ramadan and what is in hadith. These two have complete code of life till dooms day. Nowadays many object from around the world, this book was revealed 1400 years ago how the laws can be applicable to a totally changed world. Life style, needs , demands of society have completely changed. Even the duties of people are different from past.

I do not get this, I feel that the duties of parents, teachers, politicians are the same, but it can be said that the challenges are different now. It is claimed, how the orders of 1400 years ago can be applied now? God, who have created the world and is master of heavens, has kept an option for new laws, according to new challenges and the time. So we are given right to bring new laws that are in best interest on people but the change should be made according to teachings of Islam and no law should conflict the teachings. No one can claim that man made system of democracy is perfect. Only the system that was created by God is the one that can bring real change in society and save it from drowning. I think all the political party leaders sit back , analyze and try to hold the book and apply rules and they will see, how it will bring a real change.

Any protest with upbeat songs and dancing youth cannot bring any change for good. Pakistan came into existence on the name of Islam and people sacrificed their lives to live free according to law of Islam but the situation is totally different here.

If we see the facts then we can easily note that Pakistan came into existence before many other countries of the world but we cannot still progress on same rate. The main factor is political instability , economic crisis and this is because of failure of weak policies by establishment in the country. People of Pakistan are suffering from many decades because of clash between capitalists and feudal lords.   

Tips for solving #Exam paper

I will share some tips to solve exam paper in this post. If you will try to apply them before or during exam I am sure that these tips will help you a lot.

Be Confident:

I want to add couple of important things before moving to tips to solve exam. Be confident about what you have studied and forget about what you left now, when you are in exam hall. Confidence will help you solve the questions in a better way. But if you will remain tense about what you left you can not even focus on that part properly that you have studied. So be confident before going in Exam Hall. 


 When you enter in exam hall then do not panic or scared, try to relax take long breath and do not all at once open paper and start solving it. Do not think that what you have studied, you will forget. 

Before starting the exam fill in all details that are asked like, name , student ID , session etc.

 Now lets talk about the things that you have to do;

Steps to Follow:

First of all try to read paper twice or thrice. When you will see the paper first time then maybe you will feel that everything is washed from your memory but when you will read it for second or third time you will remember the concepts.

Understand asked Question:

Mark the questions that you are confident about.  You must understand what teacher is asking from you in given question. Read all the instructions and understand in each question what you are asked then solve. Understanding instructions is very important as sometimes it happens you do not read instruction properly and cannot answer properly.

Manage time:

To save  and manage time always try to stick to the points asked and do not try to write something extra.

Copy Question correctly:

Try to copy the question properly from exam question paper , if you will make a minor mistake of signs or another thing the answer will be wrong and you will not get any grade for steps as you are not solving asked question. Try to write in a neat and clean way so teacher can understand what you have written.

Check twice:

When you will solve any mathematical equation or question cross check with calculator and remove mistakes, if any.  When you will enter numbers on calculator in math exam then make sure that the entries on calculator are correct with correct signs of numbers.


If you want to cross anything, cross it properly and rewrite in a clean space. While solving question be very careful during copying signs. You can only cross solution in questions where you have option t make mistakes, do not cross in questions where you are forbidden to do so.

Stuck! Move on:

If you are stuck on some question or forgot the formula do not waste your time and move on, solve other questions first and then come back after finishing your rest of exam.


When you are finished review whole paper. First check all the questions, if you have copies correctly and then check your answers. Also check the numbering (number of question) in exam it need to be correct. Also count if you have solved all the question and nothing is left.

Do not leave any question blank, if you are not sure about the answer, just make an attempt of answer, you never know , you can be correct.

If you have prepared well and you solved it properly then no one can stop you from taking grades. All the best.