Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Prophet Idrees

When Hazrat Idrees started preaching Allah’s message and showed the right path to people then people paid no heed to him but some of them understood his teachings. When Hazrat Idrees saw this, he decided to migrate from there with his followers. When his followers came to know about his decision, they became upset and said that we can never find a homeland like Babul again. At this, Hazrat Idrees replied that if you are suffering from pain while walking on Allah’s way then He is REHMAN. He will defiantly bless you. So, be brave and bow before Allah’s orders. Muslims did so and they migrated towards MISR (EGYPT). When they saw the flow of NILE and the greenery In Egypt, they became very happy. They selected a place like babul at the bank of river Nile to live. He and his group started preaching Allah’s message in Egypt. It is said that at that time, people used to know many languages and because of Allah’s blessings they knew all the languages and they used to preach Allah’s message to everyone in his own language. Prophet Idrees also taught politics, customs and urban life to his students. He gathered students from each and every group and taught them principles of cultural politics. When they became specialists they went back to their groups and established cities and towns on the basis of cultural principles. These cities were almost two hundred in number and smallest of them was Raha. Prophet Idrees also taught his students wisdoms and astrology. Idrees (as) was first to know about knowledge of wisdom and astrology. Allah told him about stars, there position and attraction between them. If Allah did not let us know about these sciences through His Prophet Idrees   then humans could never know about them. Prophet Idrees selected rules for different groups and Ummahs and divided the land into four parts. He also selected a leader for each part who was responsible for politics of that area. The leaders ruled their parts and they were ordered to keep the sharia law (the law which was revealed to them by the messenger and imposed by almighty Allah) above all laws of the land.  

The names of first four kings through this system are:
1.      Aelawas
2.      Zoos
3.      Asqaleboos
4.      Zoos Amoon

Summary of Idrees (AS) Teachings

·        Belief in the oneness of Allah
·        Worship only Allah and to worship HIM according to the taught ways
·        Doing good deeds to avoid the punishment in the hereafter
·        Doing justice in all matters and staying away from the worldly desires
·        Fasting in the specific month and fight against the enemies of Islam
·        Paying Alms and staying hygienic, neat and clean
·        Not eating pork and dog and staying away from all kind of drugs

    Predictions about the Coming Prophets

Prophet Idrees revealed to his nation that messengers of Allah will be sent to them later on as well. He revealed that they will be righteous and will stay away from all bad deeds. They will be knowledgeable about the facts that will be harmful or useful for mankind.  Summary of their teaching will be the guidance of world in the truthful path.

The reign of Prophet Idrees

Idrees (AS) divided the people among three categories namely
1.      Kahan / Preechers
2.      Kings
3.      Rayyat (Nation)

These categories were based on their jobs and duties not according to the family, nobility or wealth. Kahan was the first and finer category. Kahan was responsible and answerable to Allah for himself the kings and the nation. Kings were the second highest category because they were held answerable to themselves and the nation. Everyone in the nation was responsible for himself and not for anyone else.
Asqaleboos was very sad on the death of Idrees (AS). He made statues and pictures of Idrees in palaces and religious buildings. Asqaleboos was ruling on the area which is known as Greece after flood of Nuh (AS). Greeks misunderstood the pictures and statues as of Asqaleboos.

Appearance of Prophet Idrees

Brown Color, average height, less hair on the head, handsome, thick beard, strong arms, broad shoulders, strong bone, slim and cylinder, glowing eyes, decent, graceful, used to talk less talking and had a sober personality. He kept his eyes down while walking and was very thoughtful person. Very vicious in anger and used to point with his index finger while talking. He lived for 82 years. He had a carving on his ring that meant “Belief in Allah with patience brings success”.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Prophet Noah

Before preaching Allah’s religion the Umah of Nuh forgot Allah and started worshipping idols. Allah Taala sent Prophet Nuh to preach tem oneness of Allah. When Nuh (A.S) showed them the right path, they did not believe him. Rich people insulted and made fun of him. Their followers followed them. They were shocked that a person who is neither rich nor an angle has right to guide us? And we are supposed to follow his orders. When they saw poor and weak people standing under his umbrella of guidance they said with arrogance that we are not like them and we will not accept you as our guide. They thought those were poor and blind people. They don’t have right to give suggestions and if they pay attention to Nuh’s teachings they would insist him that they cannot sit with them. Prophet Nuh would answer them that I can’t do this because they are Allah’s virtus people and if I did so Allah will punish me. I am afraid of that punishment. All are equal for him accept the pious and noble. They are superior to all. He further said that I am messenger of Allah to you. Those people are untouchable for you because they are not rich like you.They are not poor for Allah Hazrat Nuh also cleared that he don’t want any return or money from them. No doubt, only Allah (who knows all the secrets passing in the deep hearts) can give me reward. Prophet Nuh did his best to bring his Ummah to the right path but they did not follow his teachings. They said that don’t force us. We will not follow your teachings and do whatever you and your Allah can do. He replied that punishment is not in my hand .It is in His Hands. When He will order everything will happen. When Nuh (A.S) saw that he preached Allah’s religion for nine hundred years but his ummah didn’t follow his teachings then he became very sad.

The boat

Allah (who has the power to shake the earth beneath our feet) accepted his pray and decided to punish them but He ordered Nuh (A.S) to make a boat He decided to prevent Pious and noble from punishment. When he was making the boat KUFFAAR used to laugh at him they used to say that how nice! When will be drowning then Nuh and his followers will be safe in this boat. How foolish You are? Prophet Nuh used to answer them and remained busy in making boat. At last, his boat was completed. Now it was time for Allah to do what He wanted to do and Prophet Nuh noticed that first symbol which was told him that was a water bloom from the bottom of earth. Then Allah sent him message to take his family, a pair of each living animal and his (forty) followers on the boat. When he did so, then it was ordered to sky to start raining and to wells to start overflowing. Boat was safely flowing over water.

Kanan son of Hazrat Nuh

At the time of flood, Hazrat Nuh prayed for the forgiveness of his son but Allah stopped him from doing so. Allah promised him that He will not punish his deserving so Prophet Nuh prayed for his son Kanaan but Allah became angry with him. He said that if one does not know about a thing then he should not ask questions about that thing. Then Nuh (A.S) asked for his forgiveness and Allah forgave him. Allah said to hazrat Nuh to take his family on the boat but your whole family will not be safeT.Allah Has decided to punish some of them. Hazrat Nuh was very disappointed by his wife because he knew that she will not follow his path .But he in love of his son thought that he may become MOMIN in the company of noble men in the boat therefore, he prayed for Kanaan but Allah Taala didn’t liked that. Allah’s promise was only for those who are at SIRAAT-e-MUSTAKEEM (The right path).Prophet Nuh said to kanan to be the believer of oneness ofAllah but he replied that I will climb up a mountain and it will save me. Hazrat Nuh further said that today, nothing will save due to the orders of Allah. Suddenly, a tide took Kanan with it.

Mountain of Jodi

When disaster came to an end then boat of Nuh stopped on Jodi. In Torah, Jodi is said to be one of the mountains of Ararat. Ararat is actually the name of an Island. Water started drying slowly and people on boat stepped second time on AllAH’S earth that’s why prophet Nuh is called ABU ALBASHAR USANI or ADAM SANI means second father of Man.He is also called AWALURUSL in a Hadees.

Translated from the book "Qasas ul Ambia" By AA Sardar

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Habeel and Qabeel

AIIah Almighty said to His last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to tell the story of two sons of Prophet Adam to his Ummah. There was wisdom in it that stories of different nations have many moral lessons. Due to these benefits the Holy Quran is full of stories of different Ummah’s. There is a lesson for people at present and in future also in the story of Adam’s two sons. It is about murder of an innocent person which is a great sin. Adam and Hawa were sent on earth. Hawa after each pregnancy gave birth to twins, one of them used to be baby boy and a baby girl .In Adam’s off springs at that time there were brothers and sisters and brothers, sisters cannot get married. Therefore, Allah all powerful ordered specifically for Adam’s children that twins will be real brother and sister but the girl born after second pregnancy can merry the boy born after first pregnancy. Then what happened was that girl born with first boy Kabeel was more beautiful than the girl born with second boy Habeel. It was decided that Kabeel will get married with Habeel’s sister and Habeel will get married with Kabeel’s sister. At this Kabeel became Habeel’s enemy. He was not happy with that decision and he kept on insisting that he will merry the girl who was born with him. Prophet Adam did not accept his wish. He wanted to cool their anger.  He took a decision and said that both of you will have to sacrifice anything in front of Allah, whom sacrifice will be accepted will merry that girl  because Adam believed that Habeel’s sacrifice will be accepted because he is right.

Acceptance symbol of sacrifice

At that time, it was a traditional way to sacrifice that thing to sacrifice was placed on a hill top and fire from sky used to finish that thing. When fire did not eat that thing it meant that sacrifice was not accepted.  Both started preparations for their sacrifices. Habeel had cattle.  He decided to sacrifice best one amongst them. Kabeel’s occupation was agriculture. He sacrificed poor quality food in front of Allah who is the creator f everything. He thought no matter my sacrifice will be accepted or not, I don’t care. Habeel cannot merry my sister at any cost. Both placed their sacrifices on a mountain top then Adam (A.S) prayed. Fire appeared from the sky and ate Habeel’s sacrifice but not Kabeel’s sacrifice. At this Kabeel faced a lot of insult also. He could not bear his insult. He clearly said to Habeel not to merry that girl otherwise I will kill you. People who are slave of their desires become blind and they make desperate efforts to remove each and every huddle coming in their way. They forget the difference between right and wrong, good deed and sin and Kabeel was first who did so. He used to think about the murder of his brother to get his destiny. At last one day, he said to Habeel that no more wait. I will kill you. Habeel did not get angry. He said Allah always like pious. Your sacrifice was not accepted because of your evil thoughts. Is it my fault? You should clean your heart. Remember! When one’s heart becomes dirty, that person becomes blind of heart and mind. He is unable to see his faults. Today, we should see our reflection in our heart mirrors. We should see if we are repeating that story of Adam’s sons. Kabeel decided to kill his brother but he didn’t know how to kill him. Iblees who is enemy of Mankind from beginning caught a bird in front of Kabeel. He threw a stone on its head and taught him how to kill. Once, Habeel was sleeping. Kabeel threw a heavy stone on his head and killed his brother. Thus he was first amongst those who are at lose in this world and the world here after. That was the first dead body on earth so Kabeel didn’t understand what to do with that dead body. Kabeel put the dead body on his shoulder and started walking here and there. He couldn’t understand where to throw that dead body in this way other people (Adam, Hawa and two girls) also came to know about Habeel’s murder.

Beginning of digging grave

At last, Allah Taala sent a crow with a dead crow in its beak. Crow started digging the land with its feet and beak. After digging the land, it put the dead crow in grave and covered it with mud. Kabeel observed the whole process. He was shameful for not having sense even equal to that crow. Kabeel was a beautiful young man but after that he became ugly and dark. Because of that murder everything of this universe was affected and Adam (A.S) couldn’t laugh for hundred years.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Prophet Adam

Allah made Adam (A.S) with clay and before making his fermented floor, He informed the angles that soon He will make a creature with clay which would be known as Man and that creature would get an honor to be the caliph of Allah on earth. Man`s fermented floor was made with clay which was able to accept new changes. When that clay started producing sound then Allah Almighty entered soul in the body of clay and it suddenly became alive human made of flash, bones and seemed to have sense, knowledge, determination, ecstatic emotions. It was ordered to angles to bow before him. Quickly, angles did that but Iblees (Shaytaan/devil) with pride refused to do so. He reasoned that I am superior to Adam because You made me with fire and fire has respect and superiority and man is made of clay then how clay is related to fire. O Allah! Is your order to fire, to bow before clay, is based upon justice? I am superior to Adam in every situation so he should bow instead of me but Shaytaan in his pride forgot that when you and Adam both are Allah’s creatures then creatures cannot even know their reality better than creator.

Iblees’s action against Allah’s order, arrogance and he accused Him to be cruel had brought him away from Allah’s blessings and heaven. Then instead of excuse and becoming shameful he requested Allah to give him time till the Day of Judgment. His request was accepted. He again declared that he will mislead Adam and the humans from the right path but the virtuous and noble will not be caught in my trap. This is because Iblees thinks Adam is responsible for his insult. Allah said I don’t care. The law of nature is solid so one will harvest what he sow’s. So the one who will follow your path will go to hell, get lost from here and wait for hell.

Adam remained alone for a long time but he felt something missing in his life. His nature needed a female companion therefore Allah created Hawa. Prophet Adam was very happy to find his partner. He was satisfied and they both were allowed to live in heaven. They had the right to take benefit of each and everything in heaven with the exception of one tree.

Iblees told them that this tree is “Shajr-e-Khuld”. The one who will eat its fruit will permanently live in heaven. He swore that he is their well wisher and not their enemy. After that Adam forgot the orders of Almighty Allah and he ate from that tree. He noticed that his body was naked and both Adam and Hawa started covering their bodies with leaves. This was the beginning of the culture where humans used to cover their body with leaves. Allah was angry with him because Adam didn’t obey the orders of not eating from that tree. Adam accepted his blunder with grief and sorrow instead of hiding his mistake like Iblees. Therefore, he asked for forgiveness from his creator. Adam was forgiven but it was time for him to be the caliph of Allah on earth. Allah ordered that you and your descendants will have to live on earth. Adam and Hawa were sent on different location on earth and they started walking. Adam and Hawa found each other in Arafat (Hijaz).

This story is taken from the book "Qasas ul Ambia" and translated by AA Sardar