Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Prophet Adam

Allah made Adam (A.S) with clay and before making his fermented floor, He informed the angles that soon He will make a creature with clay which would be known as Man and that creature would get an honor to be the caliph of Allah on earth. Man`s fermented floor was made with clay which was able to accept new changes. When that clay started producing sound then Allah Almighty entered soul in the body of clay and it suddenly became alive human made of flash, bones and seemed to have sense, knowledge, determination, ecstatic emotions. It was ordered to angles to bow before him. Quickly, angles did that but Iblees (Shaytaan/devil) with pride refused to do so. He reasoned that I am superior to Adam because You made me with fire and fire has respect and superiority and man is made of clay then how clay is related to fire. O Allah! Is your order to fire, to bow before clay, is based upon justice? I am superior to Adam in every situation so he should bow instead of me but Shaytaan in his pride forgot that when you and Adam both are Allah’s creatures then creatures cannot even know their reality better than creator.

Iblees’s action against Allah’s order, arrogance and he accused Him to be cruel had brought him away from Allah’s blessings and heaven. Then instead of excuse and becoming shameful he requested Allah to give him time till the Day of Judgment. His request was accepted. He again declared that he will mislead Adam and the humans from the right path but the virtuous and noble will not be caught in my trap. This is because Iblees thinks Adam is responsible for his insult. Allah said I don’t care. The law of nature is solid so one will harvest what he sow’s. So the one who will follow your path will go to hell, get lost from here and wait for hell.

Adam remained alone for a long time but he felt something missing in his life. His nature needed a female companion therefore Allah created Hawa. Prophet Adam was very happy to find his partner. He was satisfied and they both were allowed to live in heaven. They had the right to take benefit of each and everything in heaven with the exception of one tree.

Iblees told them that this tree is “Shajr-e-Khuld”. The one who will eat its fruit will permanently live in heaven. He swore that he is their well wisher and not their enemy. After that Adam forgot the orders of Almighty Allah and he ate from that tree. He noticed that his body was naked and both Adam and Hawa started covering their bodies with leaves. This was the beginning of the culture where humans used to cover their body with leaves. Allah was angry with him because Adam didn’t obey the orders of not eating from that tree. Adam accepted his blunder with grief and sorrow instead of hiding his mistake like Iblees. Therefore, he asked for forgiveness from his creator. Adam was forgiven but it was time for him to be the caliph of Allah on earth. Allah ordered that you and your descendants will have to live on earth. Adam and Hawa were sent on different location on earth and they started walking. Adam and Hawa found each other in Arafat (Hijaz).

This story is taken from the book "Qasas ul Ambia" and translated by AA Sardar

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