Tuesday, 30 December 2014

It is Snowing Again

The #nature has again changed its color, the #winter is at its peak  and it is snowing again in some parts of the world. I am sitting thousands of miles away from it and looking at the pictures shared by my friends and family from across the world on Face book. Showing the Earth full of snow that has covered and ceased almost everything. May be by now it’s on the go. Unfortunately, I do not know :’( . These pictures of snow bring many sweet memories from my childhood, when I used to enjoy snow in my Paradise Kashmir . The place where I lived throughout my childhood is Rawalakot. It is called PEARL VALLEY, because of its scenery and spectacular beauty. When there started  snow all the children used to come out of their homes to play. Covered with many woolen clothes, coats, jackets, gloves etc. I feel the quantity of clothes on any child depended on the intensity of cold their mother felt J . The picture on top is my daughter's favorite poem. As I am talking about my childhood so I thought this screen shot worth sharing.
The picture on left is of Pallandri Azad Kashmir. Coming back to point; all children from surrounding will come together and we made snow man, fight with each other by throwing snow and hiding to miss snow balls thrown on us. Use to slide on snow and finally we end up with eating snow with some sugar. All this normally take place when snow gave us some break and at times if we are excited, we will enjoy while it was snowing.

When we think about snow, a lot of things automatically rush to our minds like; Winter at its peak, frosty winds, frozen water, earth wearing white sheet, cold, fire etc. Fire that we lit to keep us warm. It’s nice that how two opposite things have a great connection.  So when we were cold after playing in snow, we used to rush to fire to bring life in our frozen hands and feet. I always thought that hands and feet get so cold as they are constantly in touch with snow :) . We used to wait for winter and snow throughout the year as Rawalakot was a winter station and children always got holidays for two months. Life is uncertain, so is snow. Due to uncertainty of snow many plans of travel were cancelled. Sometimes we were stuck in our homes and got bored. Only three options were left with us; play in snow, eat dry fruits and sit in front of fire.

The thing that always looked amazing to me were the foot prints of everyone and everything walking on snow. We walked for hours on snow and made different shapes on it; circles, homes, hearts with an arrow crossing it J . Well, it’s always sweet to think about the memories of the times that we enjoyed in  our lives. When we look back apart from some great lose we hardly remember about bad experiences and incidents. These memories and activities were from the day.  The cold winter night with snow have totally different image in my mind.

This was fun part but when we think about snow many other feelings also come in mind; it brings

complete stillness in lives. Life gets stuck, silent and still. Just cold air whisper in our ears and strike on our window planes sometimes in a scary way that I used to hide inside my quilt to be safe from a ghost that can be wondering outside to catch children he come across. A stillness and darkness prevail whole night. It seems that someone have paused the life for some time.

Only sound that broke stillness was of wind. It rolled and rushed around, making loud noise. Nothing seem to break the spell of the snow. A spell of stillness and silence.

This snow symbolizes many things from dark to bright. It shows that many memories are dead and buried deep under it and when it will melt it will take them with it and seep inside the heart of earth. It also gives us news of new hope as it declares the arrival of spring and new year. A new year with the spring is knocking on our doors and old has gone in dark somewhere in dark nights of snow.

I think that God has kept the snow at the end of the year to cover all sorrows and freeze all the tears. 

It brings the news of  peace, joy and happiness in hearts. That take us out of depression and helplessness. This is the beauty that God, wants us to have, by closing one door of the old year and for opening the door of new hopes, success and independence with new year. For me snow symbolizes the fulfillment of life

The scene when sun comes after days of snow on snow is always spectacular when each drop of water and snow sparkles as diamond. After every snowing dark night there is a bright sunny day that sparkles everything. Cleans and brightens everything. Brings

These were few memories attached to snow from childhood. I do not have any snow around now and do not know how I will feel if I will have snow back. I too believe that we can get what we want. I want snow, I will get it someday, I know. Until then I am keeping these lovable memories saved with me. 

What are your memories related to snow? Do you like snow and enjoy it?

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First picture is a screenshot from you tube. Remaining pictures are taken from Facebook. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Story by a Student about #PeshawarAttack

With every tick of clock, each passing second, people are getting aggressive and demanding the establishment to hang all imprisoned Taliban terrorists as a result of attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. People are remembering all those who died in this war on terror. More than 50,000 Pakistanis have lost their lives I would say, were sacrificed to attained desired results, to reach the goal of a Pakistan free from all terrorists. A destination that is still in dark, way is foggy and no one is sure about the path they are following, if right or wrong.

Still all are moving with a hope may be they reach their destination. A destination of prosperity, destination of peace, destination of free Pakistan; where people are not bombed in their work places or while coming back home. Where people are not shot while performing their religious virtues. Where people do not fear to speak the truth. Where people do not fear for the life of their loved ones. Where people get justice at their door steps. Where no one starve to death because of poverty.

Until now, each sacrifice was accepted with a hope of having positive results. People of Pakistan are not afraid of blasts any more, as they believe a secure future for their children is more important. But what if, terrorists have left behind all the ethics of war and started killing and crushing our future; our children, our angels and our flowers. Everything is acceptable but not the slaughtering of our kids, that are our hopes, our dreams, our passion, our future. People are sad and there seems no way out of helplessness. This is not what they expected and sacrificed for. Pakistan has changed in an artificial world with no emotions. 

There is depression, aggression, grief and anxiety in the people. People are remembering each and every single person that has lost life in this war. They are mourning death of 136+ kids that were killed by Taliban terrorists by firing in an army school in Peshawar on16-12-2014. They were slaughtered in school were they went to learn; how to love, how to live, how to accept and appreciate differences and how to stand united with people who are deprived of basic rights for living. A place where they went to know about forgiveness, virtues and care. It was first day in school for the kid in picture on left. 

Everyone from all over the world has condemned this brutal and coward act of terrorists. Taliban have claimed the responsibility of attack by saying as these were kids of soldiers who kill them and their families so they have taken revenge by killing them. Here is message of Army Chief to them. 

The students who survived are sharing heart breaking stories of the tragedy. Tears are burning town every cheek, palm seem to get sweaty and people are shivering after listening about death and blood. Life is uncertain, how in minutes everything change. There seems no hope and happiness for people and they are desperate. 

Social media is full of pictures of children who lost their lives and messages from those who are still in hospitals. More than 60% profile pictures of my friends on Facebook are black. Everyone is expressing pain and aggression over the massacre. This picture is of a student who died in attack. 

A student shared story of a brave female teacher who stood between children and terrorists as  iron wall. She told to terrorists that they have to pass over her dead body to reach students. She engaged terrorists and screamed to students to run for their lives. Some students managed to escape and many were killed. Terrorists burn her to get rid of her and punish her for resistance. Until her last breath she tried to save as many students as possible.

The student who survived and shared this story is bursting in tears and crying for his selfishness as he is saying that he ran for his life but did not go to save his teacher.

People all over Pakistan are admiring that brave women and praying for her forgiveness. I hope you will join and pray for all who died in this incident.

In such times of depression we must pray from our Creator, most Merciful to give us strength and save us from the cunning attack of our enemies and save us from such blood sheds and carnage in future and fulfill our lives.   May Allah bless her and accept her in highest grades in heavens. 

I believe that this world is existing just because of such people who do not care for their lives, risk their lives to give; life, love, happiness and help to others. She truly deserve recognition for her bravery. Malala is on same way fighting for education of girls in Pakistan and this girl also fought and sacrificed her life for education. 
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Fear of Math.

I read a post by a wonderful author Jacqueline Gum full of emotions and suspense about a dentist in morning today. You will really love her writings, to reach her website click HERE.. Then during the day my cousin called me and told me that the dentist removed her wisdom tooth. Right now I am also thinking about root canal and filling of my tooth that was painful and as a result I got ache in my mouth and jaw for almost a week :’(. Now you will also be thinking, well, yeah, so many things related to same topic  happened today :) 

When we think about dentist we think about pain that we normally go through, if we have or had a problem with our teeth. Even some open mouth and try to show,” See I have a filling” if someone talks about dentist.

I am not going to tell you anything about dentist, that you actually know better :) . What I want to share here is; same are the thoughts; of pain, of depression, of fear and anxiety when you tell to someone that you are a math teacher. Other person will give you a horrible look and will say, you do not look like that. Your response,” Are they aliens?”. That person“ Are you serious? You know what, I HATE MATH, I HATE IT A LOT”. They will give you an angry look as if you have done something wrong with them, at times may be do not speak with you afterwards. 

As a math teacher, I came across this behavior and sentence (in my last 10 years of service ) many times that I can not even count it as it has gone to infinity :) . I feel that this behavior is the result of many factors. May be due to poor explanation of concepts by teachers in schools or colleges. In my experience many times parents try to help and tell something else about mathematical equations to kids and try to prove that teacher is wrong as they have not solved question in that particular way the teacher have taught. Sometimes they encourage them to take private tutors. Such behaviors of parents, when they try to help in this way, actually confuse kids and push them towards fear and anxiety of math. This fear can also come from educational system where every student is forced to take math just to get some money.

I always emphasize my students; first try to overcome the fear then they can move on. With fear even a single step is impossible specially when you are thinking numerically. This has been proved. Fear cannot let you move forward but push you in reverse direction.

I feel that those who hate math, just because they do not know it. Otherwise they must hate each and every development by science and technology around them to give them a comfortable life. As each development in every field of Computer Science, Physics, Engineering is because of Math. Now math has started helping  psychology, sociology, anthropology etc. in many ways.

No one actually  hate technology. So why hate math?

During math class mostly I came across many blank minds as students are afraid from math and terrified if their answer will be wrong what their friends will think. In class after explaining any concept about math. I always ask from student some questions to get an idea, if they got it or …. ??? :'( Mostly I get one reply,” I do not understand”. OOOH God ( This is a cry deep inside my heart every time after hearing this answer), “ OK! No problem! What you do not understand?”, “ I do not understand anything”. “ Well, let’s see this again, e.g; what is 05 + 05 ( raising my 05 finger of one and then other hand) all will say “ 10” , so what you do not understand?” “ We do not know” :) “This was easy”.

The anxiety actually stops their minds to think about numbers. I think this issue is wide spread. Every where all over the world, students in high schools and colleges find it difficult to digest, when it comes to math. The problem is getting severe as if student do not go in math major but for entrance tests and jobs they have to take math tests. Just now one of my friend called me if I can help here to understand some mathematical concepts as she has to apply that formula in her thesis. 

“When minds are scared no one can solve math.”

How to help students to overcome the fear of math?

Teachers must try to help students to overcome fear and anxiety of math. 

I believe that teachers, teaching math;

  • Must explain to them that it is just a subject like other subjects. All you need for math is understanding as you can not rote math. You can remember formulas but not steps of questions. But it is better that when you are trying to remember the formula then try to understand the derivation as well. It can help in solution of questions. 
  • Must emphasize the need to solve it, as much student will solve it, they will feel confident about it. 
  • Must advice student to do group study in math and explain the concepts to other group fellows if you know any concept well.  
Beauty of Math:

Math is beautiful, it joins people of all ages from all over the world like a chain just because of its universal terminology and language. It can help you to conquer many horizons and open new ways in all dimensions. We have to find those right triggers that will help to motivate us to do math with comfort. This anxiety reach its peak during exams. You can check a post to know, how to solve exams to reduce mistakes? Some tips to improve math can be found Here. 

Let’s not fear math but enjoy it, live with it and Love it.

It is pure and amazing, it can give you trust and comfort. It is breath taking, yet powerful to get a new way of looking at things, problems and the solutions.. Believe it.

What do you believe, why is that, math is there from 2000 years and most of the people swear that they cannot do it?

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The picture is by my student. 

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

School Massacre

Today is Blackest day in the history of Pakistan. Every eye is filled with tears and hearts are throbbing violently with the pain. The flowers have been crush with brutality and left country mourning. 141 children between the age of 5-18 years were killed brutally by indiscriminate firing of 9 Taliban terrorists in an army-run school in Peshawar Pakistan. Many are injured, among them are students, school officials and military personnel. Injured were transported to hospitals by ambulances.

My tears are rolling down my cheeks, while thinking about this brutal slaughtering by butchers. Mind is not working, I am heartbroken and my heart is bleeding like many across the world.

I am thinking about those mothers who may have prepared their kids with their hands, kissed their forehead and have sent them to school. She did not know that she is sending them today towards their end. Many laps are empty today and clouds of darkness, anger, anxiety, revenge and acute depression prevail over nation. All are in deep sorrow and pain. Not even a single mother knew that she is looking her kid for the last time.

I am thinking that the kids must have gone playing, laughing while walking towards school. Some may have complained about pain or their unwillingness to go as may not have prepared any test. Parents must have pushed them and motivated them. Now, they will be regretting.

I have a 3.5 years old daughter and the way I call her to get up and help
her to get ready for nursery every day. I leave her in her class room and come back after kissing her. All the mothers do this. They
cook food and wait for their kids to return from school. The day when she do not eat her breakfast is really painful for me. During cold mothers are more conscious as they get afraid if kids will not be careful and get cold. Insist kids not to remove gloves, sweaters, caps and threaten them for not acting accordingly. Who knew that on that day this cold will not only touch their bodies but make them cold forever.

Yesterday when parents have got the news on TV about terrorist attack on Army Public School Peshawar boys wing. I can understand how the parents have rushed to schools. Kids went to school in green uniforms and returned in caskets. Not only sons were kid, but also many dreams were killed with them. Dreams of their parents, of their own, their families and of nation.

From yesterday I am reading about the incident, watching TV programs about this heinous attack of barbarism. Each and every word, each and every news bring deep pain to heart. I am thinking about those mothers, those sisters, those fathers, those brothers who have planned something for yesterday night. How kids have planned coming winter holidays. How all the dreams are shattered and death, grenades and bullet firing have taken the place of laughs in school.

School where they have went to learn and be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, social activist, journalist, army officer became their graveyard. Floors got covered with red by blood of innocent children. Books got torn, school depict picture of battle field with rattled bullets.

Pakistan is receiving condolences from all over the world. Whole world have condemned in strongest words the targeting of innocent school students. Pakistan is observing mourning for three days and turkey has also announced a day of national mourning. All the leaders and government establishments are expressing their anger over the inhumane attack on innocent students and educators and expressing solidarity with the grieved families.

Google also sympathizing with people of Pakistan. I am thinking that if such words, candle light vigil that are held across the country in solidarity with the victims can comforts hearts of their family members? For sure, NO, NOT AT ALL.

Someone rightly said,"Smallest coffins are truly the heaviest the carry."

I think this is time for the world to decide that , ‘IT’s Enough Now!” and take strict measurements to eliminate such terrorists from the world. This was an inhuman, un-Islamic and most coward act by perpetrators. Pakistan has paid heaviest price for the war on terror. We do not know until when we have to pay the price of terrorism. Now it’s time to pray from Almighty Allah, the supreme power to help us in uprooting and throwing such tumors out of this world, straight in Hell. Whole world is grieved by this massacre and standing with families of victims and praying that Almighty give strengths to hearts of family members to bear this tragic loss of innocent lives and accept innocent kids in high grades of Heaven.

We all know very well who is actually dead in this massacre. These school kids are martyr and martyr never die. They have killed the kids of soldiers, now they have to get ready for the consequences. Terrorists have to pay the price of each blood drop that was shed in this carnage. 

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Picture Source: Facebook 

Pakistan Vs India Hockey Match and Sports Spirit

Champion trophy hockey tournament 2014 for men was held in Bhubaneswar; India, that lasted from 6th-14 December. Total eight teams participated in the event. Firstly pool matches were played. Then in 2nd round quarterfinal, semifinals and final were played. The final of tournament was played between Germany and Pakistan. Germany won by 2-0. It was tenth victory of proud German team.

Champion trophy is just over but the noise is left behind. This time clatter is not because of who win or who lose but the debate is semifinal. That was played between India and Pakistan. As we know that these two neighboring nations are rivals. So any sports events played among these countries are taken as a matter of do or die by their people.

In hockey semifinal Pakistan got a victory over India by 4-3 goals. The event was hosted by India and the match was played in Kalinga Stadium nearly all crowd was supporting India. As the match come to end Pakistani players removed their shirts to celebrate their victory. This was taken very seriously by Indian media and people. Indian team captain Sardar Singh and their head coach Roelant Oltmans commented as:

Sardar said, "They should not have celebrated in such a way. There were families inside the stadium and they shouldn't have taken off their shirts. Even after winning the match against Pakistan in the Asian Games, we didn't celebrate in this fashion." 

"I didn't see too much of the Pakistan players but it was a bit too much," said Oltmans.

We have seen so many players in different sports events removing shirts to celebrate so we cannot say that was too much. But it’s also a reality that few Pakistani players were seen showing rude gestures to the crowd. Though abuse from the crowd continued throughout the game but the players should show sportsman spirit. They should have potential to stand in the stressed conditions.

After match Wiert Doyer tournament director, came with a statement that after investigating the situation he don’t feel it necessary to take action against any player. Moreover, he said he have spoken to Mr.Shahnaz (head coach of Pakistani team) and told him that the behavior of Pakistani team was somewhat beyond acceptance of FIH. For that Mr.Shahnaz apologized and said this type of behavior will not be seen again. But he refused to apology from india as he said players did that as a reaction. All that happened was basically because of the heat of moment. On the other side harsh statements continued from Indian side and later Mr. Shahnaz apologized to Indian team on behalf of his team. To satisfied the sick, rival host Pakistan hockey federation banned two players for two matches so they were not been able to play the final and one was warned. 

After all this drama Pakistan team lose final and winner’s title goes to Germany. Hockey is National game of Pakistan but unfortunately because of lack of facilities and financial support from the government, Pakistan is lacking behind. On the other hand India is spending a lot of money on different league matches to improve and bring forward new talent on gross root level but still no fruitful results are attained. 

If both these countries remain engaged in their fighting, they will surely not being able to rise which they deserve.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fulfillment of Life

Every day of our lives comes with a new hope or fear, joy or sadness, challenge or acceptance, positivity or negativity, certainty or uncertainty .

I hope you are full of positivity and joy while reading this.

There are days when we wake up and feel strength and peace within us and at times we also come up with difficulty and despair with no joy at all.  We wake up feeling tired and do not want to face the world. We feel guilt without any reason. We feel like facing challenges with difficulty and fear of failure.

Don't you think if we face any kind of illness, loss, financial problem, complication in any relationship, we cannot be energetic? At times, while facing problems we are upset, feel down and full of negativity.

Apart from all this if we do not have any problem related to career, relationship, financial matter and have a nice life. But still “blues” take hold and we cannot put our finger to figure out a single reason behind our tension. We do not find any apparent cause of our depression and disappointment. We feel tired, anxious, even knowing that nothing is wrong around us.

No matter if we are aware of reason  or not,  negativity  or emotionally dreaminess leaves actually no room for action or peace.

This lack of willingness to face the world can be a cause of many reasons. We are in a quest of more and more all the time.

I feel when we feel unfulfilled in life we need few changes. We must focus to enhance our positive energy. Few adjustments and focus can give us new hopes and satisfaction.  All we need to do is to seek God in such times when we figure out nothing actually is missing, but we feel incomplete. This hollowness, sadness, incompleteness is because of our increasing distance from God. I believe that our heart long and look for God only without Him it do not feel peace and satisfaction. He is the one who can take us out of despair and helplessness.  Connection with Him can bring happiness, joy, enjoyment, peace and satisfaction. With His guidance you can get what you want. This is what our soul's longing for to achieve. We can feel change after our connection with our Creator. Soon, we can experience a fulfilling direction.

Quran tells us that our connection will creator can heal our wounds and bring peace to our minds and soul.

Bible also agrees that greatest need of life is not simply guidance but a relationship with GOD. 

So, what are your tips to regain a sense of well being and peace of mind and soul?

Photo credit goes to my lovely friends;
Jennifer Moss and Muazma  Khan.

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ramadan, Now and Then

Eid-ul-Fitar has just passed and now we are about to enter month of zilhaj, signifying the arrival of Eid-ul-Azha. Still the jamboree of Eid, its charm and happiness is with all Muslims and we are heading towards another. I would like to say the greatest day of sacrifice. Not in sense of any kind of fight/war but for the obedience of Allah the Creator of Universe. Eid-ul-fitar is a gift from God for all those who fast in holy month of Ramadan. This eid is celebrated at the end of Ramadan. 

What is Ramadan?

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said for Ramadan, narrated by Anas bin Malik " One night in this month which has commenced, is ( in the point of dignity and honor) superior to one thousand months. Whoever deprives himself from attaining its auspiciousness is deprived of every facility" he added, "Only an unfortunate being is deprived of its facility"( transmitted by Ibn-e-Maja)*

Ramadan is month of blessings when God opens the gates of Heaven and closes all gates of Hell. Commencement of Ramadan brings many rewards with it. This is a month of charity, forgiveness, blessing, generosity. Its days and nights are best throughout the year. Ramadan is holy month when all Muslims are advised to fast from dawn to dusk. This month is for Ibadah ( worship God )for asking forgiveness from Him and to get Jannah ( heaven). Muslims are supposed to pray and recite as much they can. Each prayer offered in month of Ramadan is worth many in other months. This is the month when Allah completed the revelation of  Holy Quran ( the noble book). This month is hiding inside the treasure of the holiest nights of Laylatul Qadr. This month is a gift for all the Muslims, it teaches many things like; controlling our minds, hearts, our desires, to believe God strongly. 

Few decades before the Muslims were happy by listening to announcement of Ramadan and use to prepare themselves for long nights of worship, confession, obedience and days with fasting and reciting.
They enjoyed their long days of fast with hunger and thirst in world’s most hottest areas with out much facilities. They had less food to open and close fast. All night Muslims used to stand in front of God to pray and trembled in fear of hell. They wished if whole year could be Ramadan. They use to fast no matter if they are dying of sickness or hunger etc. They used to isolate and pray to make their God happy.

Contrary to that if we see around today we can understand very quickly that this month is losing its concept. Now Muslims are not taking it as a religious month for offering prayer but as month of festival. Today we emphasize more on decorating our houses , buildings and markets. We are happy with the festivity and enjoy feast of Ramadan. Now we do not emphasize much on fasting and find ways to get rid of fast and enjoy fast food and drinks. We have forgotten the fact that if we miss any fast deliberately we can not get that reward even fasting throughout year. We have uncountable dishes on our dinning tables to start or break our fast. We are enjoying our nights out in
Malls and enjoy; shopping and parties. One who will get best offers during shopping consider him/her to be the luckiest. We wait for Eid-ul-Fitar from first day of Ramadan. We are happy to socialize as much we can in Ramadan to be happy. Sadly, many companies wait throughout the year to make money during this month. Media is also playing its role to attract more people towards markets and have advertised this holy month as some type of commercial festival rather than a religious one. 

We have totally deviated from true spirit of Ramadan.
I wish we sit back and analyze our behavior as a Muslim and try to understand what we were supposed to do and why we were sent to this world. To be happy and enjoy or to make our God happy with our actions. Let us prepare for this month like companions of Holy Prophet( P.B.U.H). Take best out of this holy month by improving your grades in front of Allah. The rewards of fasting can not be measured and performing Umrah is equivalent to performance of haj.

May God bless all of us with many holy months of Ramadans and we utilize its each moment to its fullest. We can make our Ramadan productive by checking this card by productivemuslim.com

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*. Reference used from a book: Kitab us Sayyam by Iqbal Kilani
Check some pictures of Ramadan here.

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Saturday, 6 December 2014


Drama is a form of art that was popular among people from ancient times. Some great dramatists in ancient Greek were Euripides, Aeschylus, Sophocles and comedian Aristophanes. History shows that Greeks were fond of theaters and mob of people come to theater to see and hear their great actors and poets. In England drama truly came to boom during the age of Queen Elizabeth.  The most famous dramatist was Shakespeare. His plays attracted English people to come to theaters. At that time theaters were primitive stage and sceneries were used rarely. But the dramas produced are the actual treasure in English literature.

Now theater buildings are large in number with larger space for people along with comfort. Sceneries are used often that are superb and rational. The realistic sceneries not only catch our eyes but the background music and the situation of the plot pull us into the world that is presented on stage. So we forget our worries and sorrows in compassion with the happiness or troubles of those who are performing on the stage. So most of the dramas presented have happy ending, though often such ending is not possible in real life.

Pakistani theaters are basically the result of stimulus of western theater. Though Pakistani dramas performed on stage were very entertaining and were elevated in moral tone. Now Pakistani theaters are in worst condition. Majority of the stage presentations are copy of different earlier period plays. Moreover low standard dialogues along with immoral acts of actors destroyed the beautiful image of theaters. These factors have given such damage to theaters that people think theaters are not family entertaining sites. But it will be wrong to put full blame on theater management. As they put such acts which they think will pay and, if those pieces/acts are immoral, it is the fault of viewers. As it’s the audience that actually set the standard of plays by watching and taking interest. So public is responsible more than the management or actors.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Uncertainty of Life!

Two different news that have sadly dominated media from the past few days were about; a young  German student known as Tugce A, 23, of Turkish origin, who died after almost two weeks in coma.
She tried to aid and stood for young girls who were bullied in a violent quarrel. She was hit by a boy who waited in parking area for her to come out of McDonald's in Offenbach, near Frankfurt on a Saturday night, where she was dining with friends according to ibtimes UK.  After being hit by boy she fell on ground and entered coma. Her parents let her die on her 23rd birthday as doctors told them there is no hope left for her survival. Today Germany mourns the death of this courageous girl.

The other sad news shocked all cricket Fans and rest of the world. Australian cricket player Phillip Hughes died at the age of 25 as he could not recover from an injury, he was struck by a bouncer on Tuesday , fell on ground and could never stand again. All cricket lover are in deep pain with this sad news. 

You will be thinking why I have mentioned about these incidents here, as for sure I am not any kind of news reporter etc. I believe when anywhere in world such incidents take place, it concerns us all. Point of mentioning these two happenings here is;  “ How uncertain the life is!”

The future is no more uncertain than the present. ―Walt Whitman

Such incidents always teach us certain lessons;

·         Death is universal and inevitable, it’s part of our life. So we must prepare well to die a GOOD DEATH.
·         We must not forget to praise God for His blessings.
·         We must thank Him for giving another beautiful day.
·         No matter what we are doing, we must do it in an extra ordinary way.
·         We must try to help other and stand with courage if witness any injustice towards anyone.
·         Believe in your abilities, faith, dreams and try to make best use of it, every day.
·         Remember the stories of successful people who fought, struggled through challenges before success.

Every day when we get up in morning our mind is full of plans that we think to execute during the day. We sleep with a hope for other day and we wake up with a hope for a bright day full of planning. In all this the thing we miss, we do not realize for a moment that this can be our LAST MOMENT and DAY

Every day while on the way to our working places we come across many road accidents and news about people who die. We feel sad about their demise and feel sorry for families and then move on. Get stuck with our work and plans and not for a single moment we think about our last day.

With each passing moment we must remember about uncertainty of our future and end of our life. On the other hand this uncertainty of our life must not stop us for doing great things. Few among us have inherited a fear about the future. No one from us know what’s going to happen?  As we are not sure about our life and future so we must not be painful or disastrous for tomorrow — but be hopeful, peaceful and thankful for today.

Odds of us getting in car accidents, bad news or some great happening are not greater tomorrow than they are today. Being a teacher many times I talk about rolling a dice. I feel our life is like the outcomes of dice i-e; unknown, we do not know what will come. Are you scared, while rolling a dice, about it’s outcome? I do not think so. I think that “ not knowing” is not a big problem. Whatever possibility life brings to us happiness, loss, pain we must try to stand courageous and fight. All the problems can help us take new challenges in new days,…………..” if we will get”.

We must not be afraid to follow unknown paths. Try to flow with change. Try to be flexible. No matter what unexpected comes to you, try to deal with it without fear and anger. Respond with calmness and in this whole process every day we experience something new. It sometimes makes our lives beautiful and more meaningful. 

I think in our everyday life we must take some time to thank our God for blessing us with another day full of hopes. We must thank Him for granting us another day to fix our errors and mistakes. On the other hand we must take every day as last day of our lives and try to do best.

We must think that each day we have, is like an exam paper with unknown questions, with a limited time. We do not know when red signal will come for us and we will be STOPPED for ever. All we need to do is, start the day like a day in exam. Do best in every part and moment of the life and by the end we must try to finish all the assignments that can be completed within a day. We must not leave anything on tomorrow as we never know ,” if we are going to have it , or not.”

We have the ability to develop our lives and overcome our sufferings. We can change our lives and leave an ever lasting impression. Try to be the One with an everlasting impression.

I hope that all of us will try to;

 "Live a beautiful life with a try that people remember us after our death".

How the uncertainty of future normally affect your life??

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