Friday, 31 January 2014

Are you Happy!!!!

First we have to look what happiness actually is .

In this quest I got an easy definition from that tells us; Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Many different approaches are used to discuss happiness in religion, science, philosophy etc.
Happiness can be taken differently by different people and the reason or factors behind also vary.

According to Idea of Socrates ; “Knowledge is necessary to become virtuous and virtue is necessary to attain happiness.”

If you have a small survey around , ask different people about happiness , then each will come up with his own concept and definition of happiness. Some will say for instance a hot cup of coffee after long working hours makes them happy, some feel happy by spending time with family and friends , some may say reading good books is happiness, watching favorite movie, association with  favorite personalities , unexpected gifts from loved ones make some people happy, accomplishment of some task is happiness for some, some are happy by hugs and love  and for others happiness can be enjoying with kids or performing religious festivals. So, for everyone around, happiness have different meaning.
Most of the time you will hear that, richness is happiness . In this case we are measuring our happiness with a materialistic approach . We think that a person who have big mansion, latest model of mobile, cars, wardrobes loaded with each and every accessory that may exit and uncountable bank account to fulfill all their dreams is the happiest in the word.
Do you believe same?
I believe money can help you get; food, cover yourself with cloths and a home to live in.  Many leaders in Developing countries have this slogan to attract masses and get popularity by emphasizing the provision of , Food , Cloth  and shelter, this shows its necessary for living only. 
You can find people sharing their experience that first you wish for these things and considered that you will be happy after having wealth , status and social acceptance, but once you have them all, this is it!Anything more does not make any difference. By buying new vehicles, wardrobe , houses happiness will come to you like a spray , but will not stay for long time. Sometimes you can be satisfied to see that you have more than other people around you but not more than that. Excellent humans , you are ..... not careful about happiness and care for attaining wealth and respect.
 One day , definitely , you will be fed up of all these luxuries you once longed for in your life and you will not be happy and satisfied any more, even having them all. They become meaningless as your standards on every achievement are higher than before and you want something else now . Ultimately every time you aspire for more than you have with you, or what you got by your effort. In this way your ever increasing aspiration and wishes continuously make you unhappy. You can see as any increase in income ever does not satisfy you and your list of demands increases to infinitely. As a result you can never have a satisfied and happy life. In your desire for more you are always under pressure, and happiness remains completely out of your reach as you have many expectations. We must fall in love with less.
If we take a silent moment and start thinking.

Think !!!

·         When you see a new seasonal flower’s blossom, how do you feel ?

·         When you see your parents sitting and chatting for hours  together, how do you feel?

·         When you see flying birds, how do u feel?

·         When you attend a function with family or friends, how do you feel?

·         When your loved one gives you surprise party, how do u feel?

·         When you find yourself surrounded by dancing children, how do u feel?

·         When someone saves any life in front of you, how do u feel?

·         When you spent some time to help someone , in need, how do you feel?

 “And after that?”

Tell me please “Isn’t that what made you happy ?”

Surely , you feel happy. These were all small things that made you happy.

So, Happiness is not getting all you desire for, it is hidden in little things surrounding us. Just be optimistic, try to observe thinks deeply, you will get it everywhere. We have to develop a sense to feel it.

This is how we take happiness , but what a child thinks about happiness , i would like to share an experience with my 3 years old daughter , what she thinks about happiness . 

Everyday , when i ask her to do something then she asks me every time , I will do this then mama and baba ( Papa) will be happy , teacher will be happy and God will be happy too? Then i always say to her YES! all will be happy if you will listen to mama and do as I say. This tells that how our levels and standards of happiness and criterion change with our ages. When we are like a kid, our way of thinking is different and when we grow up , we think in a different way .

But if you read it carefully , its actually the most important thing to attain , happiness ; by giving ease to loved ones and to have a connection with creator. If our ties with family , friends and above all with our Creator The Almighty is strongest , we will be Happiest.

I do not want to state that you should not desire, for quality life,  full of facilities . In reality, we must dream and aspire for more and better place in world . This is only way, we can proceed in our lives and bring best. All the scientists who are busy day and night to give the world most advanced technology in every field to comfort all, if they stop dreaming and wishing for best they will surely stop and cannot bring anything new and all the progress in world will come to an end. As a result we will not be able to; fight against diseases, get comfortable means to cover long distances, interact with people sitting thousand of kilometers away, effectively and easily. Achievements of scientist are based on their dreams, desires , aspirations and ideas.  This is another topic actually, I am trying to state that our behavior and reactions should not be influenced by any victory or failure. As being happy is much more than having comforts, it should not be affiliated to that. 

Some people believe that you have to go out to discover happiness but i believe thatHappiness lies within our hearts and is pinned with our souls , just have a deep plunge and get this jewel to do wonders for you. Automatically  you will feel it everywhere.  You can get rid of your sadness and start your journey on path towards happiness and you will accept that it’s really easy to be happy with every passing moment of your life. Being happy does not mean that you have everything you wished for . It means you are satisfied with what you have and you have kept aside your materialistic approach.

Idea of Socrates tells us that ; State of ones soul , determines the quality of life.

So we can easily understand that how much it is necessary for one to keep her soul pure.

Do not always think of what you do not have, try to have a look on what you are bestowed with , it will surely make you happy. Have you ever thought if you lose what you have ? What will happen then? Try to see those who are deprived, you will be contented with what you are given. In quest of happiness your choice really matters a lot . Any good choice will leave long lasting effects on your personality and moods.

I am trying to convince you that it’s just a state of mind and it is affected by our feed. I bet, if you want to be happy, then eventually, you will find a way to happiness. Celebrating International Day of happiness for one day will not help , we have to keep the passion and enthusiasm living and revive it everyday .
Now that you have read this post. Sit back , analyze and try to think of all those things that make you happy. If you still could not get any idea, check situations listed as being the first set for you to start with , then write down your own. Do not be puzzled in life just try to relax, you will feel happiness. 
1.      ___________________________________________________________
2.      ___________________________________________________________
3.      ___________________________________________________________
4.      ___________________________________________________________
5.      ___________________________________________________________
If you are done with your list , paste it on refrigerator , so, you can see these points every time while opening refrigerator and they will slowly , slowly stick to your mind.

Now tell me, are you feeling happy to see your list? I am sure, you will be. Actually, it has started coming towards you, congratulations you have found the way and you have won. 

I will also try to write about the causes of sadness and try to give some appealing strategy to help you get rid of sadness in my next article. 

For the time being try to spread this divine gift of happiness as far as you can.

Good Luck and Thank you.

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  1. A very good article backed by some wonderful examples and life time events. A simple way to find happiness that is always around in this busy busy world.

    1. this is a real emotion that is leaving us just because of life style ... I hope we will get it back soon

  2. You enjoy writing and I am sure you must be happy.
    Keep writing and be happy.

    1. thank u Krishna murthy
      I appreciate your words ...
      I will get back soon to you

    2. Krishna, I read yours too and it is great. You have put words to very good thoughts indeed. Thank you

  3. I will try to make a list of things that can make me happy. thank you for reminding