Monday, 20 January 2014

Respecting The Commander

Respecting your seniors and obeying is the base of discipline in any organization and it’s the foremost quality that may lead to the development and prosperity. Due to this very fact Islam also laid enough stress on obeying the seniors and respecting the elders.

Sorrowfully today we have totally gone astray and turned our backs to these basic principals. We have gone so mush away from our origin that we have, unfortunately, openly started disgracing our former commander, not even keeping in view his high esteemed stature and status as being the legitimate president of state as well.

The sorry state of affairs in Pakistan doesn't seem strange knowing the fact that this nation is so disrespectful and insolent. The numb state of national conscious has become an endemic. We have become prone rather addicted to the conspiracy theories and such vulnerable to the propaganda's that our rationale seems to have held hostage to the perpetrators of hate.

Pervez Musharraf is sorrowfully suffering form some sort of sensitive heart issues but the whole media seems hell bent to prove it fake and dragging him to the courtroom and portraying him as a traitor (on the dictates to “N-legeans”). Why media has selfishly forgotten the Musharraf’s role in liberalizing Media, why has it so soon forgotten his role in making the image of country as a liberal and trustworthy international state, bringing boom to the telecommunications, Media and all other noteworthy sectors. Why has the media forgotten that he is the man who resolved in granting amnesty to the likes of Zardari, Nawaz and company so mercifully just to bring the country on track? It has been none other than Musharraf, I request all the patriot Pakistanis to pace forward to thwart the Media propaganda against our national hero and pray for his health….. LONG LIVE Pakistan.

Sardar Waqar Ahmed Zia

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