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Prophet Idrees

When Hazrat Idrees started preaching Allah’s message and showed the right path to people then people paid no heed to him but some of them understood his teachings. When Hazrat Idrees saw this, he decided to migrate from there with his followers. When his followers came to know about his decision, they became upset and said that we can never find a homeland like Babul again. At this, Hazrat Idrees replied that if you are suffering from pain while walking on Allah’s way then He is REHMAN. He will defiantly bless you. So, be brave and bow before Allah’s orders. Muslims did so and they migrated towards MISR (EGYPT). When they saw the flow of NILE and the greenery In Egypt, they became very happy. They selected a place like babul at the bank of river Nile to live. He and his group started preaching Allah’s message in Egypt. It is said that at that time, people used to know many languages and because of Allah’s blessings they knew all the languages and they used to preach Allah’s message to everyone in his own language. Prophet Idrees also taught politics, customs and urban life to his students. He gathered students from each and every group and taught them principles of cultural politics. When they became specialists they went back to their groups and established cities and towns on the basis of cultural principles. These cities were almost two hundred in number and smallest of them was Raha. Prophet Idrees also taught his students wisdoms and astrology. Idrees (as) was first to know about knowledge of wisdom and astrology. Allah told him about stars, there position and attraction between them. If Allah did not let us know about these sciences through His Prophet Idrees   then humans could never know about them. Prophet Idrees selected rules for different groups and Ummahs and divided the land into four parts. He also selected a leader for each part who was responsible for politics of that area. The leaders ruled their parts and they were ordered to keep the sharia law (the law which was revealed to them by the messenger and imposed by almighty Allah) above all laws of the land.  

The names of first four kings through this system are:
1.      Aelawas
2.      Zoos
3.      Asqaleboos
4.      Zoos Amoon

Summary of Idrees (AS) Teachings

·        Belief in the oneness of Allah
·        Worship only Allah and to worship HIM according to the taught ways
·        Doing good deeds to avoid the punishment in the hereafter
·        Doing justice in all matters and staying away from the worldly desires
·        Fasting in the specific month and fight against the enemies of Islam
·        Paying Alms and staying hygienic, neat and clean
·        Not eating pork and dog and staying away from all kind of drugs

    Predictions about the Coming Prophets

Prophet Idrees revealed to his nation that messengers of Allah will be sent to them later on as well. He revealed that they will be righteous and will stay away from all bad deeds. They will be knowledgeable about the facts that will be harmful or useful for mankind.  Summary of their teaching will be the guidance of world in the truthful path.

The reign of Prophet Idrees

Idrees (AS) divided the people among three categories namely
1.      Kahan / Preechers
2.      Kings
3.      Rayyat (Nation)

These categories were based on their jobs and duties not according to the family, nobility or wealth. Kahan was the first and finer category. Kahan was responsible and answerable to Allah for himself the kings and the nation. Kings were the second highest category because they were held answerable to themselves and the nation. Everyone in the nation was responsible for himself and not for anyone else.
Asqaleboos was very sad on the death of Idrees (AS). He made statues and pictures of Idrees in palaces and religious buildings. Asqaleboos was ruling on the area which is known as Greece after flood of Nuh (AS). Greeks misunderstood the pictures and statues as of Asqaleboos.

Appearance of Prophet Idrees

Brown Color, average height, less hair on the head, handsome, thick beard, strong arms, broad shoulders, strong bone, slim and cylinder, glowing eyes, decent, graceful, used to talk less talking and had a sober personality. He kept his eyes down while walking and was very thoughtful person. Very vicious in anger and used to point with his index finger while talking. He lived for 82 years. He had a carving on his ring that meant “Belief in Allah with patience brings success”.

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