Friday, 28 August 2015

Rani ke Bavli Pallandri. راني كي باولي

The video can be seen by using link of daily motion.

Rani Ki Bavli On DailyMotion

This historical water storage place was built on the order of an ailing Indian princess who was passing from this specific place near Pallandri Azad Kashmir city. She was suffering from some disease. When her group stayed near water on their way back home she drink water from this natural spring and soon her disease disappeared and she felt better. Afterwards she order to build some rooms and water storage place for the water of the natural spring.

In local language the water well is called, " Rani ke Bavli" means the "water storage place of princess".

This place is still standing with pride but the government is not paying any attention to save this heritage. Moreover few years back a government school was set up in the building that added to the plight.

School is no more there but still no one is looking after the building. The water is still drinkable if taken care of and water well is cleaned properly.

I hope some day our government will look towards this heritage and try to protect it and pass it on to our coming generations.

You can check video on YouTube by clicking on video below;

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