Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Land Slides in Kashmir

June, July is normally the season of rains in Kashmir. This time during these months it rain heavily. Although rain has a lot of benefits but for the residents of the heaven, it brings many problems as well. Due to continuous rains land starts to slide and the roads are blocked and means of transportation of goods are blocked and even movement of people is affected.  
 I was visiting to Islamabad from Kashmir during my holidays and the road slides that I have seen on our way to Islamabad can be  seen in pictures. Gouin Nala road is main route from Poonch and Sudhnoti District to Islamabad. Due to road slides even if the road is blocked for few hours it is a big trouble for people. The problem is bigger if any ambulance is stuck on the way. Mostly any patient with emergency is shifted to Islamabad for intensive care or serious diseases. 
The government is always efficient and there are couple of heavy machines  to clear the sliding area but I was just thinking why do not they make such roads that do not have road slides. Every year after rains whole area comes down and people get into trouble. A lot of money is waste to rebuild the broken part but no one is thinking to make some high walls, I am not engineer so can not say anything for sure but I am confident there will be some way to stop land sliding. I hope that method will be applied some day. 

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  1. Hi Sudhnoti, the post reminded me of what we go through in Southern California. We just had an enormous amount of rain a few days ago. Usually when this happens, which isn't often, you hear of homes sliding off the cliffs. My question had always been why people would build next to edge of cliff and why are they being allowed to do it. Much like your question for engineers, I just dont get it..