Sunday, 11 October 2015

#Dreaming and #Praying for You.... Few Thoughts

All day we are busy in our lives and routines, but when night comes, it brings a train of thoughts with it. When we lay on our bed and put our head on our soft and comfortable pillow, we start thinking at night about; every joy, every pain and every person who is important in our lives.

 If we are far away from our loved ones, each day we count the days to have their sight, we wait for the day when they will arrive. We keep on changing our side on bed and continuously the thoughts and dreams of our loved ones accompany us.

At times when we see a sweet dream we open our eyes and try to search around and look for those who were around and we were happy with them in our dream. We pray for our dreams to came true. If it does, it brings joy to our lives and hearts and if it didn't, then it makes us sad and tears start to roll on our cheeks. We weep quietly at nights and try to lower our sound, so no one can know about our feelings and loneliness. We cannot sleep at night but pray for our love.

We try to have faith on our God, who have created love in our hearts, we believe that someday we will see them. If our prayers are answered soon, we feel ourselves luck and if there is delay we start losing faith.

I believe its time when we must come more closer to our God, we must hold him more tightly as He is the only one who can help. We must ask Him every day and every night.

Even if we start losing faith but still we believe that He knows best and will bring joy to us and He has a specific time for things to take place in a certain way that we cannot understand. Only He is the one, who can hold us and bring peace to our hearts in times of depression.

We pass each day of our lives to see each other and we live our life to meet. All the thoughts of happy times go in our heads.

Finally we fall asleep and then all worries and sadness go deep in sleep too and we just dream about sweet moments that are yet to come.

When we wake up, we are much more caught up with our routine that we do not find much time to remember our loved ones but it is not that we forget them. We feel them around us all day long.


  1. Very well said. Faith and patience. God makes all things work together for good. :)

  2. Dream has direct link between our soul & Allah, In dream our 6th sense has very vital role that's why we do not have any control in this activity, with the help of dreams many times we got signs that what we or our loved ones are going to face in future either joy , hardships, glory & scene of danger. Dream is a complete & complex subject many times it happens we took wrong interpretations after that we realize Oh! we missed the clue.