Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to study for Math #Exam

Many right now, from around the world will be busy taking exam or may be specifically math test. If you are the one who know math then it is great for you. I want to talk about those who are below average and only want to pass in exam by taking C or D as per their exam result system.
Math is everywhere in each degree. You cannot complete most of the degrees without taking Math.

How Math helps?

Math helps in many ways; it makes your thinking more logical and critical. Improves the power of reasoning.  Taking math in your studies gives you better opportunities for jobs. 

Needs time and Effort:

Math for sure needs time and effort. There is no short cut so get ready to work hard and you will do it. I can bet. It is always better to make a daily schedule for math rather than study just before exam for 10 to 12 hours altogether.
I will share some tips with you in this post that will help you to study math.

What to do?

·         First thing first, make your mind that you can do it and be positive.
·         Study less but study smart.
·         Know your course.
·         Always use book for study as it has explanation of steps.
·         Go through each type of problem.
·         Get help from notes and your book if stuck somewhere.
·         Maintain a separate sheet of all the formulas and points that you do not know.
·         Try to mark your mistakes and repeat and redo to know it.
·         Try to study for couple of hours and take a break then continue.
·         Once done, try to repeat all the problems, it will help you better understand.
·         If you do not know answer, get help from friends or teacher if possible
·         Write all the terms and definitions on one page and review it to remember.
·         Try to help your friends to solve problems, it will boost your confidence and problem solving skills.
·         Keep going.
·         Use calculator to do calculations quickly. 

What not to do?

·         Stay away from negative thoughts or friends who tell you , “ MATH is Hard”.
·         Do not keep your mobile or laptop/computer with you. All you need is a watch or wall clock.
·         Do not sit near Television.
·         No pets around.
·         No music at all.
·         Stay away from bed.

   Do not forget to put all the papers in recyling dust bin after your exam.
    All the best.

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