Thursday, 28 May 2015

What Educated Mothers from Developing Countries can Do in Current Situation?

Say: ‘Can those who have knowledge and those who do not be alike?’ [Holy Quran Al-Zumar, 39:9.]
The world around us is changing dramatically. We are getting success in many fields of life and have a better life today. All the development has not been successful to sow the moral values within us. As we are having facilities, the moral is deteriorating day by day. Advancement in technology has not improved our behavior towards life.
Why is that, with a lot of facilities and better chances of survival we are not at peace at all? But lack respect, love, affection, peace  etc. in our lives. Poverty, misery, greed, corruption, crimes, unrest, terrorism is increasing beyond limits.
I believe in quest of becoming richest and reaching other outer heavenly worlds we have forgotten the need of love in our lives. How is that, we do not know our next door neighbors and not ready to help anyone around us?  
Behavior towards girl child in Developing countries:
Majority of the people in the world are from poor and developing countries. In those countries there are many problems that society is facing. The first of all is related to discrimination between woman and a man. Families give importance to boys and girls are treated as servants for them. They are not given right to think about their life and are kept busy in home chores when they are little sensible. Good food, good facilities and good schools are considered to be the right of the boys. It is common perception in developing country like Pakistan that boys will become the arms of father and earn money for family but girls are there to add the expenditure.  That is main reason that boys are treated well and sent to better schools etc. People believe, what they will do by spending money on females, tomorrow they will leave the family and there will be no use of the investment.
It is also believed that Boys will do jobs so they need education, as it is not responsibility for a girl to earn so what they will do with the education.
Role of Women in Society :
Woman is an important partner in life and we all have bonds with her in form of a: mother, sister, daughter, wife etc. No matter what religion, place, race we belong, women are always considered respectful. 
This was not the case before Islam. New born baby girls were killed or buried alive and Islam stood for the women and gave them equal right to live. Asked people to stop this brutal practice and considered it as a great sin against humanity.
Islam not only stood for the life of women but also give them right to education.  Islam puts a lot of emphasis on education and it is a saying by prophet Muhammad, “Seeking knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, man or woman”. (Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 218).
So it is not that only boys are in world and they should seek knowledge. Islam ask Muslim women and men to seek knowledge as it can benefit us in many ways. I would like to talk about education of women in this post.
You may have heard a famous quotation from Napoleon Bonaparte, "Give me good mothers and I shall give you a great nation!"
When women become a mother, our whole perspective towards her change. It is one of biggest responsibility for being a parent but I feel that mother is more responsible for bringing up a great nation. As a child our first step towards a better life starts with our mother. As she being our first teacher teach us how to behave, how to love, live, respect , sacrifice and take care. Mothers have a great role to play in development of a child and proper nourishment of body and soul.
All the responsibility of giving moral and ethical values to kids start from home, with the mother. So if a mother is responsible for good deeds of the kids, in a way we can say that she is also responsible for bad actions of their kids as well.
The contribution of mother towards the society cannot be ignored. Her love, care is unmatched. No matter she is educated or not, she tries to play her role in best possible way being a mother, tries to give better values to her kids. 
If we see around us, we cannot ignore the misery and pain around us, in form of killers, terrorists, our world is full of mentally sick people. So from where all these criminals surface, if a mother have given best values to kids, when they were growing up? Why we do not  find people in large number, who love, care about others, are ready to help, but mostly we come across those who will deceive us, try to take advantage of us and leave us in despair.
Why is that? Who is responsible for such behavior? I am sorry to say but may be mothers also have to do a lot with such behavior of their kids, when they grow old.
Why we are not improving morally?
If we check the profiles of the criminals from around the world, we can easily see that most of them come from those back grounds of most remote areas of the world, we poverty and lack of education.
Unfortunately the problem in developing countries like Pakistan are uncountable but I personally feel that the step towards the solution starts with the education of young girls. Many girls in poor families are married at a young age when they do not know anything as they are like kids at that time, what values such girl can give to her kids who do not know anything about life herself.
What to do?
But if we as society motivate people around us and the government make strict laws for educating girls then the condition can be better. We can stop the ever increasing growth of criminals and terrorist from our society.
I feel that an educated mother can give the values of love, harmony, respect, care to her kids.
Normally it happens in Pakistan that when people do not like any law by government they start complaining that this is against religion and people normally do not follow it. But in this case, government can train the people in Masjids and ask them to address public five times a day after prayer and emphasize the need to educate kids specially girls.
Educating society as a whole, without the discrimination of a male or female is only intellectual way to deal the problems of society and to stop criminals, suicide bombers etc.
Why to Educate Women?
The role that a mother can play in nation building and the way she can help eradicating the problems from society is unquestionable.
This can be best step to call upon all the mothers, by equipping them with the education and letting them to build a generation for future, who live and let others live with peace and harmony.
Mothers can stop this war against humanity. She is only one, who can stop this slaughtering and terrorism. Only a mother can help in this critical time, let her bring the change in society by first changing her prospective towards life. Equip her with education and see how she does the wonder for the world. We need to bring discipline in their life to get their kids back on track. 

I strongly believe that by women empowerment and education we can bring a change to our world. Role of a Mother in Nation Building in very important and it great that we can educate to equip them with values that can bring revolution. 


  1. That is a very interesting way to look at it and one I am not quite sure that i looked at exactly that way before. I feel the world would be a much more peaceful, loving place if women everywhere were not only educated, but running the governments.

    1. Hello Susan
      Thank you for your time and compliment.

      You are right that women can be more influential, if in government. Many women in South East Asia are running are were PM of the country but unfortunately, they could not bring any major change for women in country as they are circled by cabinets full of males and they do not let them do anything that they themselves do not like.
      This is sad but true.
      Even then, I am hopeful that women will bring the change some day soon.