Social Injustice

This is a story from my last holidays.

During my holidays I came across different situations, news etc. I was gathering stuff in my mind to share. I was thinking I will write when I will get back but today I came to know a situation of a family and it forced me to write.

A female is helping my mother at home for cleaning and stuff nowadays but I never talked with her except assigning her some task to complete.

This time when I came to my mother house she planned parties for family because of some religious and family events. For all arrangements I was in touch with that lady. When there was day for function I noticed the lady avoiding and hiding from people. I could not understand this behavior and I was much concern why she was acting like this. When I was completely free from organizing whole home back, when everything was finished , I called her to  ask for her strange behavior.  She told me her story and I was very sad to hear all that.

Story of the Lady:

She told me that her husband is working as a security guard and his salary is Rs.18000 per month. They were doing good in that amount but last year they married their daughter as her in-laws were demanding for that, they took loan from bank for the wedding ceremony to entertain guests and pay dowry. Now bank is deducting Rs. 13000 monthly for loan and interest. Now they have to manage in 5000 Rupees only, which is very hard, for that reason the lady have to come out of her house and work in our home to meet the expenses of a big family of 9 people ( 6 son , 1 daughter and husband, wife).

My parents recently shifted in this place and no one knows them around in village, so she selected our home for work as she was afraid that  if some family member will come to know about her work they will scold her and look down upon her and above all her married daughter can pay price for this decision.

She also told me that she always emphasized for education in her home and her daughter passed intermediate before marriage and five more children are going to school. But now she is unable to cover the cost of education as everyday teachers are demanding for new books , copies , and other stationery for studying. She added the expenses are a lot even her children are going to government school. Children are coming back with new demands daily and when she cannot fulfill, the teachers in school punish children for that, children are not ready to go to school for that reason now. One boy is in 9th grade and he is looking for some work to support parents and thinking to quit school.

I called her son and asked him about this situation and he told me that they cannot even buy books and notebooks and asked me how they can study? I was speechless. I talked with boy for few minutes and I noticed that boy is very well mannered and well behaved. I asked him to help her mother in our home and asked my mother to pay him too. I told him to just water few vegetables and plants that my mother has grown plus feed birds that my mother has. He is very weak and I know that he cannot do any hard work by going out in market. I emphasized him to study and work hard and complete his education and stressed him not to quit in any situation.

Why we create problems for others?

I was thinking about this situation from many days and I was confused that why we feel shy to work with our hands if we are in need and why people do not try to help but create troubles. I hope behavior of people will change some day.

Responsibility of Government:

If government have opened schools , it is necessary to provide children with uniform, books and other stuff needed at school. Even I heard many times in news that government distributes the books etc. for school going kids but do not know where actually they are distributing as no story in my area about it. 

How to help?

I am thinking how to help children like this in my village who want to study but cannot afford it. Mostly I come across news, advertisement and events of many organizations that stand against child labor and help children to get education on Television. 

Work of NGO's:

I was thinking that such organizations are working in every city, I always appreciate their work but after coming to know this situation I tried to find such organization in this place and was sad to know that there is no such organization here that provide expenses for schools and books. I am wondering where all NGO’s are working. 

How few NGO's work?

I came to know that NGO’s normally give loan to people by the money they get from all around the world and take back with interest and some give seeds to grow vegetables. In my research I also came to know that common people are not even getting seeds etc. or any benefit from these organizations as many black sheep  have become the part and only those people get any benefit who have some link or pay some money.

What to do?

There are many kids around who love to study and share in national development but cannot carry on because of their situation. I wish to help if not all , at least some students who are thinking to quit because of their situation. I really want to do something for these kids. I do not have any information and experience for any organization who is working for these kids who do not have any voice or approach. If there is someone working for this cause please guide me how to start.

I will really appreciate suggestions. 

My message is #helpthepoordon'texploit.