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I just want to convey to the readers of the blog that this is my personal blog. I write here with few of my friends and all the expressions and opinions are our own. The concepts can be wrong, fragile, disorganized for someone in any particular situation but they are the concepts that are in our minds and no matter how they were ingrain is a long story but they came from our mind.  Hereby also want to mention, no matter what we have expressed in our blog, does not in any way mean to harm any way. If you feel so, it can be just a misunderstanding. I will strongly urge you to contact me at

If in any way you find some problem in writing or feel effected by. In that case we can review what has been written and may be can better explain to you the scenario in which particular opinion was made.

As I have mentioned above that the writings that can be about religion/politics or any other field of life  are in no way meant to humiliate, harm anyone/any religion/any political member/ any individual in any way. I think if someone likes to act upon in any advice given or follow anything mentioned, it will purely be on his/her urge. We do not intend anyone to try what we are trying or in no way responsible for the results of the use of any advice, recipe, art work, idea or anything what so ever is listed in this blog. If someone decides to follow anything, he/she should also check  it and decide him/herself and will be responsible for the results. I hereby mention that not even a single line is by any professional so do not take it as any advice. All concepts are just the ways we think or behave. I ask you not to take any concept as accurate. Any idea as complete, there can be dishonesty as well in ideas but it is no way intentional. It can reflect to the situation in which the line or concept was written. It can depict our state of mind that can be poor due to a big tension in our lives. So for any particular situation or part expressed in worst situation do not depict our whole behavior. If you came across any such situation, write to us. The way of writing is not guaranteed to be polite. As I said before, it can be expression of a particular state of mind.  Concepts expressed can be incomplete but this will be unintentional.

If we have humiliated, harmed or hurt the feelings of anyone through our writings it is purely unintentional for me to do so. Anyone specialized knowledge is the only one who can give you a better suggestion about any case/problem/situation. Here on our blog, we can just try to help you on the basis of our personal expression or experience , but this disclaimer frees us of any legal responsibility/accountability/ answer-ability/ liability  if any negative result appeared in your situation on the basis of our written information. I again advice you to consult the professional before taking any decision to act upon any advice mentioned in our blog. If you try to do, what we have done and were unharmed, you will be responsible for your act. Not us in any way. As you are given a sharp mind to think before you leap after us.

As a reader you may have seen many comments on my blog. Any idea, concept left by any reader, author or any person is responsibility of that person. We do not have to do anything with the concepts of any one. I with my team the authors of the blog cannot be held responsible in any way  for any comment left on our blog as we do not practice editing or moderation of the written comments in any way.

If you have any problem with any of the post or piece of writing in blog you are requested to contact directly via email if you feel any part to be harmful or sensitive in any way. Here is the email;
I hereby also mention that the links that have been mentioned on the blog posts are in no way make us responsible for the consequences about any concept or consequence. We find that information helpful and tried to give you extra information about topic. The opinions expressed in outbound link(s) in post or in comments are not in our access and we are not accountable for the information provided there. We cannot be held responsible for any information on the linked posts. If you are curious then do the research yourself or contact a specialist or professional before using our information.

We can accidently link to any useless, harmful, bad, hostile, revolting, violent, harsh, obnoxious, disrespectful, pornographic, a wrong religious concept, wrong information about any situation or event. We do not take responsibility for any such content that was accidently or unintentionally shared. As in our senses we will always try to stay away of any such above mentioned content or like above mentioned content.

We try to publish weekly on our post and our opinion or our country law can be different than any other contrary law or rule of any state. We will not be responsible for any of your act that you have followed after reading our post on the situation that is not legal in your country or part of the world you are living in. As any law listed here can be violation of the law of your state. We advise you to stick to the law of your country and try to follow rules of your country and do not experiment things of alien world… our world that is different than yours. We do not try to encourage you to violate your rules and we do not have any intention to facilitate any breach of laws or do not recommend you in any way to break the law of your country. We will not be responsible for any such break of law/rule/concept/opinion that can be political/religious or of any other form related to life.

I also want to mention here that we have uploaded many of our pictures that are even without water marks but we recommend you strongly to link back to our blog if you are using any of the picture or the content. You as author / designer/publisher are responsible and we suggest you to get our permission in writing if you are using for commercial use and if you are using for free link back to our blog address. We request you to credit us for our efforts with our names and URL.

The purpose of this disclaimer is to protect us and our blog. 

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