Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Samah's Dessert.

Today I want to share a recipe of a dessert with you. This dish was prepared by my friend, according to her, she just thought something and started mixing things. When she was done, the result was amazing.

Though it has lot of calories but it is worth trying at least once.
So without further ado, I will share recipe here.


1.      Unsalted biscuits : 1 pack.
2.      Cream Caramel : 2 sachets
3.      Powdered whipping cream : 2 sachets
4.      Kiri Cheese : 8 cubes
5.      Nescafe : 2 table spoon
6.      Condensed milk: 1 cup
7.      Fresh Cream : 1 cup
8.      Powdered biscuit: 2 packets.
9.      Liquid Whipping cream:  1 cup


Add all the ingredients in the blender and mix.
In a serving dish crush the unsalted biscuits and make a layer in the bottom. Now add the mixture at the top and garnish it as you like.
You can also add crushed nuts with the layer of biscuits. Place the dish in refrigerator at least overnight. It will allow the mixture to settle .
Wow you are done, taste it and share with family and friends, I am sure they will like it.

As my friend prepared this, so I named it Samah's Dessert. Her name is Dr. Samah Matar, she is an amazing teacher from Egypt. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

#Dreaming and #Praying for You.... Few Thoughts

All day we are busy in our lives and routines, but when night comes, it brings a train of thoughts with it. When we lay on our bed and put our head on our soft and comfortable pillow, we start thinking at night about; every joy, every pain and every person who is important in our lives.

 If we are far away from our loved ones, each day we count the days to have their sight, we wait for the day when they will arrive. We keep on changing our side on bed and continuously the thoughts and dreams of our loved ones accompany us.

At times when we see a sweet dream we open our eyes and try to search around and look for those who were around and we were happy with them in our dream. We pray for our dreams to came true. If it does, it brings joy to our lives and hearts and if it didn't, then it makes us sad and tears start to roll on our cheeks. We weep quietly at nights and try to lower our sound, so no one can know about our feelings and loneliness. We cannot sleep at night but pray for our love.

We try to have faith on our God, who have created love in our hearts, we believe that someday we will see them. If our prayers are answered soon, we feel ourselves luck and if there is delay we start losing faith.

I believe its time when we must come more closer to our God, we must hold him more tightly as He is the only one who can help. We must ask Him every day and every night.

Even if we start losing faith but still we believe that He knows best and will bring joy to us and He has a specific time for things to take place in a certain way that we cannot understand. Only He is the one, who can hold us and bring peace to our hearts in times of depression.

We pass each day of our lives to see each other and we live our life to meet. All the thoughts of happy times go in our heads.

Finally we fall asleep and then all worries and sadness go deep in sleep too and we just dream about sweet moments that are yet to come.

When we wake up, we are much more caught up with our routine that we do not find much time to remember our loved ones but it is not that we forget them. We feel them around us all day long.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Land Slides in Kashmir

June, July is normally the season of rains in Kashmir. This time during these months it rain heavily. Although rain has a lot of benefits but for the residents of the heaven, it brings many problems as well. Due to continuous rains land starts to slide and the roads are blocked and means of transportation of goods are blocked and even movement of people is affected.  
 I was visiting to Islamabad from Kashmir during my holidays and the road slides that I have seen on our way to Islamabad can be  seen in pictures. Gouin Nala road is main route from Poonch and Sudhnoti District to Islamabad. Due to road slides even if the road is blocked for few hours it is a big trouble for people. The problem is bigger if any ambulance is stuck on the way. Mostly any patient with emergency is shifted to Islamabad for intensive care or serious diseases. 
The government is always efficient and there are couple of heavy machines  to clear the sliding area but I was just thinking why do not they make such roads that do not have road slides. Every year after rains whole area comes down and people get into trouble. A lot of money is waste to rebuild the broken part but no one is thinking to make some high walls, I am not engineer so can not say anything for sure but I am confident there will be some way to stop land sliding. I hope that method will be applied some day. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Rani ke Bavli Pallandri. راني كي باولي

The video can be seen by using link of daily motion.

Rani Ki Bavli On DailyMotion

This historical water storage place was built on the order of an ailing Indian princess who was passing from this specific place near Pallandri Azad Kashmir city. She was suffering from some disease. When her group stayed near water on their way back home she drink water from this natural spring and soon her disease disappeared and she felt better. Afterwards she order to build some rooms and water storage place for the water of the natural spring.

In local language the water well is called, " Rani ke Bavli" means the "water storage place of princess".

This place is still standing with pride but the government is not paying any attention to save this heritage. Moreover few years back a government school was set up in the building that added to the plight.

School is no more there but still no one is looking after the building. The water is still drinkable if taken care of and water well is cleaned properly.

I hope some day our government will look towards this heritage and try to protect it and pass it on to our coming generations.

You can check video on YouTube by clicking on video below;

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Democracy or Islamic Law.

One of French philosopher said that the new generation always sit on the shoulders of the old generation and see coming events in the world and solve accordingly.
I think this is what needed in Pakistan now. All political parties need to stick to this and stop blaming the people who were in establishment before them. Every time we see that when a new party is elected, soon after coming in power a blame game starts and all previous establishments are blamed for all the losses.

Political scenario is also somewhat interesting as from 1965 few land lord and their generations are continuously coming in power after rotation of five years and sometime before that, because of dissolution of assemblies. 

People of Pakistan have no choice, but to vote PPP, PMLN, MQM etc. There were many Marshall Laws in Pakistan and even you will see some specific faces that will be also around in those years.

People have two views about the establishment. In opinion of one group of people, democratic establishment is better and other group stands for Marshall Law. Political parties claim that democratic system is perfect for the people.

Being a Muslim we believe in one God, one messenger Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and there is only one way to follow, the way written in book Holy Quran that descended from heavens during month of Ramadan and what is in hadith. These two have complete code of life till dooms day. Nowadays many object from around the world, this book was revealed 1400 years ago how the laws can be applicable to a totally changed world. Life style, needs , demands of society have completely changed. Even the duties of people are different from past.

I do not get this, I feel that the duties of parents, teachers, politicians are the same, but it can be said that the challenges are different now. It is claimed, how the orders of 1400 years ago can be applied now? God, who have created the world and is master of heavens, has kept an option for new laws, according to new challenges and the time. So we are given right to bring new laws that are in best interest on people but the change should be made according to teachings of Islam and no law should conflict the teachings. No one can claim that man made system of democracy is perfect. Only the system that was created by God is the one that can bring real change in society and save it from drowning. I think all the political party leaders sit back , analyze and try to hold the book and apply rules and they will see, how it will bring a real change.

Any protest with upbeat songs and dancing youth cannot bring any change for good. Pakistan came into existence on the name of Islam and people sacrificed their lives to live free according to law of Islam but the situation is totally different here.

If we see the facts then we can easily note that Pakistan came into existence before many other countries of the world but we cannot still progress on same rate. The main factor is political instability , economic crisis and this is because of failure of weak policies by establishment in the country. People of Pakistan are suffering from many decades because of clash between capitalists and feudal lords.   

Tips for solving #Exam paper

I will share some tips to solve exam paper in this post. If you will try to apply them before or during exam I am sure that these tips will help you a lot.

Be Confident:

I want to add couple of important things before moving to tips to solve exam. Be confident about what you have studied and forget about what you left now, when you are in exam hall. Confidence will help you solve the questions in a better way. But if you will remain tense about what you left you can not even focus on that part properly that you have studied. So be confident before going in Exam Hall. 


 When you enter in exam hall then do not panic or scared, try to relax take long breath and do not all at once open paper and start solving it. Do not think that what you have studied, you will forget. 

Before starting the exam fill in all details that are asked like, name , student ID , session etc.

 Now lets talk about the things that you have to do;

Steps to Follow:

First of all try to read paper twice or thrice. When you will see the paper first time then maybe you will feel that everything is washed from your memory but when you will read it for second or third time you will remember the concepts.

Understand asked Question:

Mark the questions that you are confident about.  You must understand what teacher is asking from you in given question. Read all the instructions and understand in each question what you are asked then solve. Understanding instructions is very important as sometimes it happens you do not read instruction properly and cannot answer properly.

Manage time:

To save  and manage time always try to stick to the points asked and do not try to write something extra.

Copy Question correctly:

Try to copy the question properly from exam question paper , if you will make a minor mistake of signs or another thing the answer will be wrong and you will not get any grade for steps as you are not solving asked question. Try to write in a neat and clean way so teacher can understand what you have written.

Check twice:

When you will solve any mathematical equation or question cross check with calculator and remove mistakes, if any.  When you will enter numbers on calculator in math exam then make sure that the entries on calculator are correct with correct signs of numbers.


If you want to cross anything, cross it properly and rewrite in a clean space. While solving question be very careful during copying signs. You can only cross solution in questions where you have option t make mistakes, do not cross in questions where you are forbidden to do so.

Stuck! Move on:

If you are stuck on some question or forgot the formula do not waste your time and move on, solve other questions first and then come back after finishing your rest of exam.


When you are finished review whole paper. First check all the questions, if you have copies correctly and then check your answers. Also check the numbering (number of question) in exam it need to be correct. Also count if you have solved all the question and nothing is left.

Do not leave any question blank, if you are not sure about the answer, just make an attempt of answer, you never know , you can be correct.

If you have prepared well and you solved it properly then no one can stop you from taking grades. All the best. 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Gender discrimination: Do I have the right to live my Life???

  I will be; what I want not what you expect me to be!!!


You have to accept me for who I am.

A problem that prevails in many families of South Asia is that a hell lot of things are expected from girls. Families and people around them want the girls to behave in a certain way, live a certain life, do a particular job or have a typical behavior, even if the girl might want something else. With the birth of baby girl the parents become so cautious that they start treating her differently from beginning as if she came from an outer space and is an alien. Parents and family start expecting a lot from her and impose a lot of restrictions.

If a girl child asks for permission to join children playing in street or in some ground nearby,  she will be told that girls are not allowed to jump around in open spaces like in parks or grounds and can not take part in playing activities outside the house. They are emphasized better not to play but as being a child when she stats crying she is told,"If you really want to play then play inside the boundary walls of the house". I think this is a standard response in most of the families in South East Asia. 'Inside the house , inside the house', this is what rings in her head continuously . 

Little girls are often surprised and even do not understand when they are given not so good or less food than their brothers. Often they are not served with food with the boys to eat, priority is always given to the boys. The saddest thing is until now the girls are not even allowed to disagree with the behavior or complain about the discriminating behavior against them.  Some examples of discriminating behavior from society are;

If any elder from the family buys something from market, the brother will always have the preference to have the things of his choice first and then the parents fulfill the girl's wish.
When it comes to education, the boys will study in better schools and girls will be sent to an average school, mostly government schools with no fees. 
When it comes to the choice of subjects again the same notice, "You can not choose yourself". Parents decide, which subject the girls will take as major in studies. I am teaching  girls and boys from the last ten years and I come across many females students during my service who tell me that they never wanted to take the subject they are studying and their parents just forced them to take this subject.
When it comes to the choice of the career, the parents will give full rights to the boys to work in field of their choice but for girls but once again the same behavior jumps in, "No, no, how you can think about it? You do not know that this field is not for the girls at all. No one will marry you if you will choose this field "!!!

 Why not ??? Can anyone answer me???

When Allah is the Creator and He created both baby girl and boy with the same phenomenon. Both
girls and boys have same surname. Both breath, talk, walk and live in the same way and when both are the humans then why is this discrimination here? Why this society do not allow girls to do what they want, to take profession of their choice, to talk the way they want and with whom they like?

When it comes to the choice of life partner, again family will decide who is best for the girls, but  boys can choose any girl to marry and parents will support him in every possible way to marry the girl of his choice. 

My Point on marriage of a girl:

My point here is not that the females should go and marry whom they want. I strongly believe it will disturb the equilibrium in the society specially in our Muslim society. In fact it is not allowed according to Islam for the girls to go and marry on their own. I believe that girls can be in trouble sometimes. What I want to say is, at least they should be able to exercise the right given to them from their religion. Girls must be allowed to meet, see, talk then accept or reject any proposal depending upon, if she likes or do not. If she is not willing, she must not be forced into that marriage.

Normally what happens in our society in South-East Asia, if the girl's parents want some boy as their son-in-law, their will, will be imposed on the girl straight away.


 The consequences are far more worse than we can imagine, as this discrimination affects not one girl, but the whole society and the future generations. As Napoleon Bonaparte  hassaid years before, “Give me good mothers, I will give you good nation.” If you are treating young girls with discrimination, how they can be confident enough to face the world tomorrow? They will lack many features in their personality. The way our general behavior is deteriorating and the ever increase in the number of problems is just because we are not giving our girls the right to grow and flourish as they want so they can bring forth and prepare a good nation in future. I just wonder when finding no hope from anywhere at all if the girl try to break the chains of this discriminating behavior and run far away from the home or do some harm to her life, who will be responsible? Why we can not break double standards in our life? How family specially parents can discriminate between their kids that is their blood?

Change in Air:

Apart from this discriminating behavior, I feel that the change is in the air. I am happy that this typical mentality of many rural areas is continuously changing and there are many families who do not have such situation at their homes. Now many families consider their baby doll as a human and try to bring her up with the confidence, they try to provide her with equal opportunity in life like boys. I think this change is only because of the education.

If you are a westerner then maybe you do not understand the need of this post but I want to be voice of many females from my region who are deprived of many basic rights of their life that are taken as for granted in west.


I will request all parents to treat baby doll as human and give her a right to LIVE and live confidently and independently. Give her at least some space to express herself, to speak her own mind. Then see what wonders she does in life, you will be surprised to see her strength and courage. She really is a shining star and do not be a black cloud in front of her, give her a clear sky and let her take the charge and lighten the world with her vision and ideology.

The treatment towards girls always left me wondering , "Who Actually Owns their Life???? She or you or they !!!!"

I always read or come across people saying, " I hate my Life. " I strongly believe that I am not one of them, " I love my Life even being a female." I just wanted to live my life as I want it. I am happy that I was given right to my life and I thank my parents specially my mother, who gave me confidence to go in world and fight for my life. She trusted my qualities, that I did not know at that time.

I just beg to people who still discriminate between their boys and girls, please give her a chance and right on her Life. You can simply assist or guide her, when she will ask you, no interference beyond that.

For sure every girl just want to be one that she wants. I do not want you to snap your finger (you want it that way) and make her do what you want - nor would she want it to be like that.

Anyway, the point is, for her life you try to be the thinker, talker and she is the doer. Why not give her a chance to think and do for herself? I do not want you to push her in future, I want her to adapt better to the future.

Being a female, I do not want to just survive in the world , I want to live my life and live it happily.

Can I get a chance to be HAPPY with the success that I want from the bottom of my heart?

Please do not expect from me to be someone, who I am not!




Thursday, 28 May 2015

What Educated Mothers from Developing Countries can Do in Current Situation?

Say: ‘Can those who have knowledge and those who do not be alike?’ [Holy Quran Al-Zumar, 39:9.]
The world around us is changing dramatically. We are getting success in many fields of life and have a better life today. All the development has not been successful to sow the moral values within us. As we are having facilities, the moral is deteriorating day by day. Advancement in technology has not improved our behavior towards life.
Why is that, with a lot of facilities and better chances of survival we are not at peace at all? But lack respect, love, affection, peace  etc. in our lives. Poverty, misery, greed, corruption, crimes, unrest, terrorism is increasing beyond limits.
I believe in quest of becoming richest and reaching other outer heavenly worlds we have forgotten the need of love in our lives. How is that, we do not know our next door neighbors and not ready to help anyone around us?  
Behavior towards girl child in Developing countries:
Majority of the people in the world are from poor and developing countries. In those countries there are many problems that society is facing. The first of all is related to discrimination between woman and a man. Families give importance to boys and girls are treated as servants for them. They are not given right to think about their life and are kept busy in home chores when they are little sensible. Good food, good facilities and good schools are considered to be the right of the boys. It is common perception in developing country like Pakistan that boys will become the arms of father and earn money for family but girls are there to add the expenditure.  That is main reason that boys are treated well and sent to better schools etc. People believe, what they will do by spending money on females, tomorrow they will leave the family and there will be no use of the investment.
It is also believed that Boys will do jobs so they need education, as it is not responsibility for a girl to earn so what they will do with the education.
Role of Women in Society :
Woman is an important partner in life and we all have bonds with her in form of a: mother, sister, daughter, wife etc. No matter what religion, place, race we belong, women are always considered respectful. 
This was not the case before Islam. New born baby girls were killed or buried alive and Islam stood for the women and gave them equal right to live. Asked people to stop this brutal practice and considered it as a great sin against humanity.
Islam not only stood for the life of women but also give them right to education.  Islam puts a lot of emphasis on education and it is a saying by prophet Muhammad, “Seeking knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, man or woman”. (Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 218).
So it is not that only boys are in world and they should seek knowledge. Islam ask Muslim women and men to seek knowledge as it can benefit us in many ways. I would like to talk about education of women in this post.
You may have heard a famous quotation from Napoleon Bonaparte, "Give me good mothers and I shall give you a great nation!"
When women become a mother, our whole perspective towards her change. It is one of biggest responsibility for being a parent but I feel that mother is more responsible for bringing up a great nation. As a child our first step towards a better life starts with our mother. As she being our first teacher teach us how to behave, how to love, live, respect , sacrifice and take care. Mothers have a great role to play in development of a child and proper nourishment of body and soul.
All the responsibility of giving moral and ethical values to kids start from home, with the mother. So if a mother is responsible for good deeds of the kids, in a way we can say that she is also responsible for bad actions of their kids as well.
The contribution of mother towards the society cannot be ignored. Her love, care is unmatched. No matter she is educated or not, she tries to play her role in best possible way being a mother, tries to give better values to her kids. 
If we see around us, we cannot ignore the misery and pain around us, in form of killers, terrorists, our world is full of mentally sick people. So from where all these criminals surface, if a mother have given best values to kids, when they were growing up? Why we do not  find people in large number, who love, care about others, are ready to help, but mostly we come across those who will deceive us, try to take advantage of us and leave us in despair.
Why is that? Who is responsible for such behavior? I am sorry to say but may be mothers also have to do a lot with such behavior of their kids, when they grow old.
Why we are not improving morally?
If we check the profiles of the criminals from around the world, we can easily see that most of them come from those back grounds of most remote areas of the world, we poverty and lack of education.
Unfortunately the problem in developing countries like Pakistan are uncountable but I personally feel that the step towards the solution starts with the education of young girls. Many girls in poor families are married at a young age when they do not know anything as they are like kids at that time, what values such girl can give to her kids who do not know anything about life herself.
What to do?
But if we as society motivate people around us and the government make strict laws for educating girls then the condition can be better. We can stop the ever increasing growth of criminals and terrorist from our society.
I feel that an educated mother can give the values of love, harmony, respect, care to her kids.
Normally it happens in Pakistan that when people do not like any law by government they start complaining that this is against religion and people normally do not follow it. But in this case, government can train the people in Masjids and ask them to address public five times a day after prayer and emphasize the need to educate kids specially girls.
Educating society as a whole, without the discrimination of a male or female is only intellectual way to deal the problems of society and to stop criminals, suicide bombers etc.
Why to Educate Women?
The role that a mother can play in nation building and the way she can help eradicating the problems from society is unquestionable.
This can be best step to call upon all the mothers, by equipping them with the education and letting them to build a generation for future, who live and let others live with peace and harmony.
Mothers can stop this war against humanity. She is only one, who can stop this slaughtering and terrorism. Only a mother can help in this critical time, let her bring the change in society by first changing her prospective towards life. Equip her with education and see how she does the wonder for the world. We need to bring discipline in their life to get their kids back on track. 

I strongly believe that by women empowerment and education we can bring a change to our world. Role of a Mother in Nation Building in very important and it great that we can educate to equip them with values that can bring revolution.